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The following provides an overview of the planned contents of UMD 1.6.0

The release timeline will be as follows:

12 March 2012 Release day freeze
26 March 2012 Release contents freeze
2 April 2012 Release day

Useful links

UMD 1.6.0

- Which products are planned for UMD 1.6.0


- Which products are available for immediate publication

EGI Provisioning Dashboard - What is the general Software Provisioning pipeline?

Release plan

The following provides an overview of the planned contents for UMD 1.6.0; the order of entries in the table indicate the relative priority per platform with which the referenced products will be taken through the provisioning process.

Platform EGI Capability Product available on Provider release Notes
SL5 SL6 Debian6


Job Execution GridSAM 2.3.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} IGE 2.0 OGF BES based front-end to GRAM5

Job Scheduling GridWay 5.8.2 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} IGE 2.0

Parallel Job, Job Execution GRAM5 5.2.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} IGE 2.0

File Transfer GridFTP 5.2.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} IGE 2.0

Interactive Job Management GSISSH 4.3.4 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} IGE 2.0

Interactive Job Management GSISSHTerm 1.3.2 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} IGE 2.0

Authorisation DefaultSecurity 5.2.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} IGE 2.0

Credential Management MyProxy 5.5.2 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} IGE 2.0

Metadata Catalogue RLS 5.2.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} IGE 2.0

Client API SAGA Adaptors for IGE 1.6.1 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} IGE 2.0 Does not include JSAGA


Attribute Authority VOMS 2.0.7 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 14 Fixes very urgent issue:

BDII core 1.2.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 13 Fixes a security vulnerability
Internal component to other BDII products

BDII core 1.3.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 14

Information Discovery BDII site 1.1.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 13

Gridsite 1.7.19 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 14

File Access,
File Transfer,
Storage Management
StoRM 1.8.2 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 13


Authentication Gateway 4.2.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 11

Attribute Authority XUUDB 1.3.2-3 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 11

Attribute Authority UVOS 1.5.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 10

Job Scheduling,
Storage Management
X6 4.2.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 12

Parallel Job, File Access, Job Execution TSI6 4.2.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 12

Client Tools Client 4.2.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 12

Information Discovery Registry 4.2.0 {{{SL5}}} {{{SL6}}} {{{Debian6}}} EMI 1 Update 12