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EGI has released UMD 1.6.0 on 2 April 2012. (Announcement)

Delivery slip

No. Action Description Responsible unit due on References signed off by

1 Freeze UMD release contents Using the UMD Composer add all products that are queued in the UMDStore to a new UMD release bundle. TSA2.1 Before T - 7 [UMD 1.6.0 RC1] Michel

2 Update UMD capabilities Check that UMD Capabilities in UMD-1:Capabilities are up to date and in synch with the products in the UMD release. TSA2.1 Before T - 7 [UMD 1.6.0 RC1] Michel

3 "Known Issues & Installation notes" Check that sub-actions are finished according to requirements TSA2.1 T - 4 see below Michel

3.1 - Create Wiki entry Create a Wiki entry for the release at UMD-1:UMD-1.6.0 using the major (x), minor (y) and revision (z) numbers of the UMD release.
Create sections for each product that is included in the documented UMD release.
TSA2.4 T - 7 UMD-1:UMD-1.6.0 Kostas

3.2 - Document Verification findings Add all findings (bugs, workarounds, etc.) collected in the QC Verification reports to the "Known Issues & Installation notes" wiki entry. TSA2.3 T - 7 UMD-1:UMD-1.6.0 Mario, Alvaro

3.3 - Document Staged Rollout findings Collect all issues, warnings, workarounds etc. to the "Known issues & Installation notes" wiki entry. TSA1.3 T - 7 UMD-1:UMD-1.6.0 Mario

4 Compile UMD release documentation UMD release metadata will be published in the UMD Repository and must cover the following sections:
  1. Description
  2. Contact Info
  3. Technical Contact Info
  4. Release Notes
  5. Installation Notes
  6. Known Issues
  7. Change Log

TSA1.3, TSA2.3 will contribute. TSA1.3 and all SA2 tasks review drafts and give comments.

TSA2.1 T - 3 Michel

5 Produce and test release candidate(s) Produce as many Release Candidates as required based on the feedback given. If no feedback is given assume the Release Candidate working correctly. For each Release Candidate round new sub-actions need to be created for the delivery slip. TSA2.1 T - 7 Kostas

5.1 - Produce first release candidate From the list of included products in (1) generate a Release Candidate. Notify TSA2.4 and TSA1.3 of the existence and location of the Release Candidate. TSA2.4 T - 7 Kostas

5.2 - Test first Release Candidate (Verification) Test the first release candidate for errors and advise TSA2.4 whether to create another Release Candidate. Testing is mandatory for TSA2.3. TSA2.3 T - 5 Michel (on behalf of A. Simon

5.3 - Test the first Release Candidate (SR) Call for volunteers for RC testing among the EAs in Staged Rollout. Collect feedback from participating sites and advise TSA2.4 whether to create another Release Candidate. Testing is optional for TSA1.3. TSA1.3 T - 5

6 Publish UMD release Only when all previous actions are signed off, publish the UMD release. TSA2.1 T Michel

7 Post-release cleanup Post-release actions perform some housekeeping in the UMD release management area, including:
  1. Add the UMD release announcement to UMD release schedule overview
  2. Add text "EGI has released UMD 1.4.0 on 19 December 2011. (Announcement)" linking to the repository's announcement
  3. Remove the entire Release Plan section in the release's Wiki entry
  4. Ensure that the Delivery slip is kept
  5. protect the release wiki entry (hence the delivery slip too) against changes
TSA2.1 after T UMD_1.6.0_Contents Michel