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Staged rollout process for glite components, during the transition phase

This page is oriented to the EA sites, and describe the workflow for SR during this phase. The page Early Adopters contain a table showing the EA sites and the components they do SR.

  • The site is notified by savannah when the SR coordinator triggers a state transition
Ready for rollout -> Rolling out
  • The patch contains the release notes that should be used by the EA.
  • The delta repos will still be created, so that's what EA's will use in the installation/upgrade.
  • This means that EA's will work on the patch, if there are more than one EA doing SR on a node/metapackage, they all should work on the same savannah jra1mdw patch.
  • After an EA is notified, it should set a comment in the patch saying that it either "Accepts" or "Rejects" the SR, and the site name:
<Site Name> <Accept|Reject>

This processes make the possibility to have several patches into SR independently, and to have both glite 3.1 and glite 3.2 at the same time. Moreover as soon as a patch is verified, the process is triggered without waiting for other patches. This, allows the the release to be more node type based, and not so much glite 3.2 updateXXX based