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EGI Champions Oversight Committee (OC)

The Oversight Committee (OC) will have 5 – 7 members, two of whom will be from the executive; typically these will be the Director and the Chief Community Officer. The OC will be chaired by the Chief Community Officer. In this context the OC chair may also be referred to as the EGI Champions Network Coordinator. The other 3 -5 members will be NILs. Membership will be time-limited to provide a turnover of members so in the first instance some NILs will be appointed for 2 years and some for 1 year. An open invitation will be issued to the NILs at the launch and then repeated every year at the time of the Technical Forum.

OC Meettings

The OC will convene (typically by phone) every month to monitor progress of the EGI Champions in terms of:

  • Number of EGI Champions
  • New nominations/applications coming in from NGIs
  • Progress of individual EGI Champions against their own time line and targets.
  • Forthcoming events at which EGI Champions could participate
  • Requests from EGI Champions to attend events and associated expense claims
  • Publicity matters – is the EGI Champions getting appropriate publicity – EGI publicity team to report to the oversight committee
  • Is the budget being wisely and effectively spent in terms of achievements versus activities?

Champions Selection Process

Candidate names must be proposed through the NIL from the candidate’s own country. Information should be supplied as described in Appendix B. At least three members from the OC must endorse candidates with no dissensions from the committee overall. Applications must be circulated to the OC within one week of being received – they do not have to await one of the regular meetings. Once a decision has been made, the candidate must be advised of the decision within one week. The NIL of the country of the candidate who endorsed the application must be kept informed at all stages of the process.

Champion Profile - Eligibility

Academic level

  • Candidates should be graduates/post-graduates engaged in formal academic research within an institution of learning within the ERA or another region formally connected with EGI.
  • All subject disciplines are acceptable.

Knowledge and skills

  • Must be a competent user of EGI for research purposes;
  • Must be articulate about how their research processes work on the infrastructure even if they do not understand every element of the underlying processes;
  • Must possess most, if not all, of the following characteristics relating to the ability to promote the benefits of grid and other forms of distributed computing for research purposes:
    • Excellent presentation skills;
    • Convincing and enthusiastic communication skills;
    • Ability to talk to small groups of researchers in the same institution with enthusiasm and substance;
    • Ability to talk to medium sized groups of researchers in their subject area;
    • Ability to talk to large groups of researchers from multiple disciplines;
    • Ability to talk to a more general audience from school children, under-graduates to the general public.

Note that communication and presentation skills may be offered in the course of the EGI Champions training and briefing sessions. These sessions will not only relate to the technological aspects of EGI.


Potential Champions may be drawn from many research areas including the following:

  • Existing NGI champion/ambassador/fellow roles or similar;
  • The RAMIRI participants/alumni working within Research Infrastructures as practitioners;
  • The ESFRI projects may have candidates they want to put forwards;
  • Highly specialist researchers will also make good candidates.

Duration of Champion Assignment

EGI Champions will be assigned for 18 – 24 months. Assignments will be time-limited in order that Champions can become established and recognised figures in their role yet the rotations will promote a constantly expanding community of "alumni" with growing influence, awareness and communication skills.