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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
20/08/2012 Grid Operations Meeting
10/09/2012 Globus integration task force meeting
10/09/2012 Grid Operations Meeting
11/09/2012 UNICORE task force meeting
24/09/2012 Grid Operations Meeting
08/10/2012 Grid Operations Meeting
22/10/2012 Grid Operations Meeting

2. Main Achievements

  • Release of four UMD2 updates: 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.2.0 and 2.2.1
  • Release of two UMD1 updates: 1.8.1 and 1.9.0
  • UMD2 release and updates have included most of EMI2 components as well as several IGE components.
  • EA teams are now covering most of EMI2 and IGE components.
  • New portal developed at LIP containing a list of all staged rollout tests, can be used by the NGI's to fill the respective metrics:
  • SW provisioning of components are ongoing towards the release of UMD 2.3.0 in November.


Staged rollout of SAM version Update-17 was finished on August 27th. With the release of SAM Update-17 improved version of ARC and UNICORE probes and Desktop Grids probes were deployed in production. SAM version Update-19 with improved UNICORE probes and QCG/MAPPER probe will start staged rollout at the beginning of November.

Globus and UNICORE tests were integrated into Operations portal on October 31st: Operations_SAM_tests.

Support unit for QCG middleware (QosCosGrid) was created on October 18th.

Further support and development for Desktop Grids will be handled by the new project IDGF-SP ( In the following quarter support unit for Desktop Grids will be established.

Accounting solution for Globus resources GridSAFE was released as part of IGE 3.0 (

During the EGI TF 2012 session on interoperations between EGI and other infrastructures (EUDAT, PRACE) was held (

Milestone MS421 Integrating Resources into the EGI Production Infrastructure ( was finalized during this quarter.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Dependency problems between EMI and IGE packages in the UMD production repositories Urgent release of UMD2 (2.2.1) has been done to get back coherence in the UMD repository

4. Plans for the next period

  • Continuation of SW provisioning of components from EMI and IGE.
  • Start preparing EA teams for EMI3 release.
  • Work in the SW provisioning workflow to get packages not only form EMI and IGE repositories but also from EPEL. Towards the changes needed when EMI and IGE projects end (first quarter 2013).


Integration of QCG tests into Operations portal.

Integration of Desktop Grids tests into Operations portal. Creation of Desktop Grids support unit in GGUS.

Improving site and service certification procedure in order to better suite new middlewares.