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| [https://documents.egi.eu/document/717 EGI Software Vulnerability Issue Handling Procedure]
| [https://documents.egi.eu/document/2538 EGI Software Vulnerability Issue Handling Procedure]
| Infrastructure / Technology Providers / Users
| Infrastructure / Technology Providers / Users
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| [https://documents.egi.eu/document/283Critical Vulnerability Operational Procedure]
| [https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/SEC03 Critical Vulnerability Operational Procedure]
| Infrastructure
| Infrastructure

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Policy group Title Applies to
SPG EGI Security Policy Infrastructure / Users
SPG Acceptable Use Policy and Conditions of Use Users
SPG Service Operations Security Policy Infrastructure / Users
SPG VO Operations Policy Users
SPG Virtual Organisation Registration Security Policy Infrastructure / Users
SPG Virtual Organisation Membership Management Policy Users
SPG Portal Policy Users
SPG Traceability and Logging Policy Infrastructure / Technology Providers / Users
SPG Security Incident Response Policy Infrastructure / Users
SPG Policy on e-Infrastructure Multi-User Pilot Jobs Users
SPG Policy on the Processing of Personal Data Infrastructure / Users
SPG Grid Policy on the Handling of User-Level Job Accounting Data Infrastructure / Users
SPG Security Policy Glossary of Terms Infrastructure / Users
SPG Acceptable Authentication Assurance Infrastructure
SPG Security Policy for the Endorsement and Operation of Virtual Machine Images Infrastructure / Users
Policy group Title Applies to
SVG EGI Software Vulnerability Issue Handling Procedure Infrastructure / Technology Providers / Users
CSIRT Security Incident Handling procedure Infrastructure
CSIRT Critical Vulnerability Operational Procedure Infrastructure
OMB COD escalation procedure Infrastructure
OMB Operations Centre creation Infrastructure
OMB Operations Centre decommission process coordination Infrastructure
OMB Follow up of availability and reliability statistics - Process for quality verification Infrastructure
OMB Validation of a ROC/NGI Nagios Infrastructure
OMB Setting a Nagios test status to Operations Infrastructure
OMB Management of the EGI OPS Availability and Reliability Profile Infrastructure
OMB Adding new probes to SAM Infrastructure
OMB Resource Centre Registration and Certification Procedure Infrastructure
OMB Decommissioning of Service Type Procedure Infrastructure
OMB Procedure for the recomputation of SAM results and availability/reliability Infrastructure
OMB Resource Centre Decommissioning Procedure Infrastructure
OMB Production Service Decommissioning Procedure Infrastructure
OMB VO deregistration procedure Infrastructure / Users
OMB VO registration procedure Infrastructure / Users
OMB Procedure for renaming a Resource Center Infrastructure / Users
OMB Procedure for decommissioning of unsupported software Infrastructure / Technology Providers / Users
UCB Virtual Research Community accreditation Users
TCB TCB Requirements management process Infrastructure / Technology Providers