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| [[VT Application Porting Howto]]  
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| Gender Action Plan

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EGI Virtual teams: Main Active Projects Closed Projects Guidelines

The following is a list Virtual team projects, that have been initiated and run by EGI.


Starting and finishing a project can be daunting tasks and they certainly depend on a sound understanding of what is to be achieved, by whom, for whom and by when. Defining the achievable aims and objectives of the project and the resources (human and material) that are realistically available are essential at the very start for any chance of success. At the end of the project, the output needs to be delivered to whoever commissioned the project - this needs to be backed by a Final Project Report that confirms (or otherwise) that what was promised at the beginning is being delivered at the end. A Project Initiation Document and a Final Project Report are available in template form as a source of guidance for all those starting new Virtual Team projects. These are not obligatory formats for VTs but all VT leaders should read the guidance.

Active Virtual Team projects

Projects are asked to use VT Template Wiki page

Project Area Project status Project leader Start date


VT Promoting Desktop Grids Community Running Robert Lovas/IDGF-SP project coordinator 2013-11-01
Support for genome analysis and protein folding Platform porting Running Afonso Duarte/ITQB-UNL 2014-04-23
VT Life Science Data Integration Platform porting Running Fotis E. Psomopoulos/AUTH 2014-12-01
Scalable Access to Federated Data Technology Running Lukasz Dutka/CYFRONET 2015-04-01

Proposed virtual team projects

Project title Project status Deadline to join Project leader Project website
Top applications and their user communities PLANNED No deadline Not known yet VT Top Applications

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