NGI International Task Review MS109 Czech Republic

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This page contains the assessment of the NGI International Task at year 1 of the EGI-InSPIRE project (one page per NGI). The NGI representatives are required to fill the tables according to the required information. The content will be integral part of the EGI-InSPIRE milestone MS109 "NGI International Task Review"

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User Services

Human Services (Table 1)

Table 1: NGI Assessment: User Services >> Human Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA3.3N U-N-3 U-N-13 Requirements Gathering User requirements are usually gathered via request tracking system or in direct interaction with the users. 0-5
NA3.3N U-N-14 U-N-15 Application Database It is not used at the moment. 0-5
NA3.3N U-N-16 U-N-17 Training Trainings are organized regularly once a year for whole NGI and in additional on a user community request. 0-5
NA3.3N U-N-12 U-N-18 U-N-19 Consultancy Consultancy is provided via help desk (request tracking system) and in direct interaction with user communities. 0-5

Operations Services

Human Services (Table 2)

Table 2: NGI Assessment: Operations Services >> Human Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
SA1.4N O-N-9 Requirements Gathering your assessment here 3 how to improve
SA1.1N O-N-9 Operations Coordination Operation group for NGI_CZ is joined with operation of Czech National Grid (MetaCentrum), we benefit from common monitoring and operation group. Support teems communicate via ticketing system, we have scheduled regular bi-weekly meeting (videoconferencing). On EGI level, NGI_CZ participates on regular OMB, OTAG and OM meetings. 4
SA1.2N O-N-9 Security Group responsible for monitoring of security related issues is merged with the same group in MetaCentrum. The same people are also involved in Czech CSIRT group, where they are responsible for grid related problems. 4

Infrastructure Services (Table 3)

Table 3: NGI Assessment: Operations Services >> Infrastructure Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
SA1.3N O-N-9 Software Rollout 0-5
SA1.4N O-N-3 Monitoring National Nagios was deployed successfully 4 False positives occur, problematic WMS causes unavailability of sites
SA1.5N O-N-2 Accounting EGI wide accounting portal is used. Jobs not submitted via gLite are not included. 4 Instructions how to publish statistics for non gLite mw are needed. Accounting per user is not available even for the VO managers because some sites do not publish DNs. Storage accounting is not available at all.
SA1.4N O-N-1 O-N-4 Configuration Repository and Operations Portal National instance of operations portal deployed 3 CODs check only the central version, sometimes alarms stayed on central version although they were resolved in the local instance.
SA1.6N SA1.7N O-N-6 O-N-7 Helpdesk A regional Request Tracking System is interfered to GGUS. It serves both national and international user communities. 0-5
SA1.8N O-N-5 O-N-8 Core Services 0-5

Other (Table 4)

Table 4: NGI Assessment: Other
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA2.3N Policy Development 0-5
NA2.2N E-N-2 Dissemination 0-5