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* [ EGI Operations requirements gathering process], OMB, 21 Dec 2010
* [ EGI Operations requirements gathering process], OMB, 21 Dec 2010
* [[EGI Operations Surveys]]
* [[EGI Operations Surveys]]
* [[Jobs wordir and tempdir]]
* [[Jobs workdir and tempdir]]

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Existing requirements

OMB Statement of Requirements

Overview of OMB approved requirements (static page)

Requirements dashboards

The following table provides access to all open EGI requirements (UMD requirements and tool requirements), submitted by the User Community and the Operations Community.

Board Middleware Requirements Tool Requirements Nagios Requirements Comment
Technology Collaboration Board Go to wiki dashboard - - This category shows high priority tickets (subset of all tickets) that have already been forwarded to TCB
Operations Management Boards OMB Requirements (RT tickets) Tool Requirements OMB Nagios Requirements This category shows ALL tickets discussed within the OMB in different technical areas.
User Community Board Go to wiki dashboard - - This category shows tickets discussed within the User Community.

How to submit requirements

More information