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Main Submit Track

UMD (TCB) Operations (OMB) User Support (UCB)

This page displays the details of requirements that have been submitted to EGI by its user communities through the Requirement Tracking system. The requirements are investigates by the User Community Support Team of EGI, solutions are offered to them by the team, by NGIs and by external technology providers of EGI. The process is described at Requirements_gathering_details. If you wish to submit a requirement to EGI, please use the Requirement Tracking system.

Open requirements

Explanation of colour codes used below
Orange indicates that the Technology Coordination Board, or technology providers in the board follow up the requirement.
Green indicates that technology providers follow up the requirement through the EGI Helpdesk.
Blue indicates that with the NGI support teams follow up the requirement.
Yellow indicates that the requirement needs input/decision from the User Community Board.
Pink indicates that the requirement needs input/decision from the Operations Management Board.

Subject Status & History
(Topic 6) Data management

Client API


TASK / Should be finished on 2013-05-27

Solved requirements

Please click on -> Solved_user_requirements

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