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| style="border-bottom:1px dotted silver;" | Michel Drescher
| style="border-bottom:1px dotted silver;" | Michel Drescher
| style="border-bottom:1px dotted silver;" | Management Observer
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| style="border-bottom:1px dotted silver;" | Steven Newhouse
| style="border-bottom:1px dotted silver;" | Nuno L. Ferreira
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Main Roadmap and Innovation Technology For Users For Resource Providers Media


The Task Force has three types of members:

  1. Resource providers. Institutions and companies that contribute a small part of their cloud infrastructure in order to create a prototype where to test and develop the federation blueprint.
  2. Technology providers. Institutions and companies that develop cloud technologies and contribute technical know how and development effort to the Task Force.
  3. User communities. Individuals and institutions that use already or plan to use cloud technologies for their activities.

The Task Force is lead by a Chairman, a Technology Manager and supervised by the Director. An Operation Officer and a Chief Community Officer complete the management team.

Every institution and company fitting one or more of the roles described above is invited to join the Task Force. Every participant has the opportunity to contribute directly to the creation and implementation of the clouds federation blueprint.

Members List


Role Affiliation Representative Deputy
Chair Technology Manager
University of Oxford Matteo Turilli Michel Drescher Management Observer Steven Newhouse n/a Operations Officer Tiziana Ferrari Peter Solagna Chief Community Officer
EGI Outreach liaison Steve Brewer Gergely Sipos

User Communities

Affiliation Representative Deputies
WeNMR Alexandre Bonvin Marco Verlato
Peachnote Vladimir Viro
WS-PGRADE Gergely Sipos Sandor Acs
GAIA-Space Nicholas A. Walton
BNCweb (CLARIN) Martin Wynne
MC LHCb Victor Mendez

Resource Providers

Affiliation Representative Deputies
BSC Daniele Lezzi Roger Rafanell
CESGA (IBERgrid) Ivan Diaz Esteban Freire
CESNET (NGI CZ) Miroslav Ruda Boris Parak, Josef Pacula
CETA-CIEMAT Abel Paz Alfonso Pardo, Miguel Ángel Díaz
Cyfronet (NGI PL) Tomasz Szepieniec Marcin Radecki, Jan Meizner
FZ Jülich Björn Hagemeier Shahbaz Memon
GRIF Michel Jouvin  ?
GRNET Panos Louridas Vangelis Floros, John Giannelos
GWDG Ramin Yahyapour Philipp Wieder, Florian Feldhaus, Piotr Kasprzak
IFCA Enol Fernandez Pablo Orviz
IGI Giacinto Donvito Paolo Veronesi
IPHC Jérôme Pansanel  ?
CC-IN2P3 (NGI FR) Hélène Cordier Mattieu Puel, Alvaro Lopez Garcia
Oxford (NGI UK) Matteo Turilli Kashif Mohammad, David Wallom
SARA (NGI NL) Jhon Masschelein
Maurice Bouwhuis, Machiel Jansen
STFC (e-Science) Ian Collier Alan Kyffin
TCD (NGI IE) David O'Callahan Stuart Kenny
KTH Zeeshan Ali Shah Ake Edlund
SZTAKI Sandor Acs Peter Kotcauer
INFN-Napoli Silvio Pardi Domenico del Prete
IISAS Viet Tran Binh Minh Nguyen

Technology Providers

Affiliation Representative Deputy
INFN/CNAF Elisabetta Ronchieri Davide Salomoni
EGI-InSPIRE JRA1 Daniele Cesini Emir Imamagic, Alvaro Simon
EGI-InSPIRE SA2 Kostas Koumantaros Michel Drescher
DANTE Richard Hughes-Jones Domenico Vicinanza
RADICAL Andre Merzky
STFC (NGI UK) Alison Packer John Gordon
StratusLab Carl Loomis (interim) Vangelis Floros
Venus-C Zeeshan Ali Shah Ake Edlund


Institution Affiliation Representative
SIENA liaison SIENA Daniele Lezzi
OGF Standards liaison OGF DCIFed chair Alexander Papaspyrou
VT Federated Identity Providers Assessment liaison VT FIPA chair Dan Kouril