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= Members  =
= Members  =

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| Operations Office  
| Operations Office  
| Peter Solagna
| Tiziana Ferrari, Peter Solagna
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|- style="background:lightgray;"
| Chief Community Officer  
| Chief Community Officer  

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The Task Force mandate is available at<wbr></wbr>document/720



Function Affiliation Representative
Chair (interim) Oxford University Matteo Turilli Technology Manager Michel Drescher Operations Office Tiziana Ferrari, Peter Solagna Chief Community Officer Steve Brewer
Resource Provider CESNET (NGI_CZ) Miroslav Ruda
Resource Provider NGS (NGI_UK) David Wallom
Resource Provider Cyfronet (NGI PL) Tomasz Szepieniec, Marcin Radecki
Resource Provider SARA (NGI NL) Floris Sluiter, Maurice Bouwhuis
Technology Provider StratusLab Carl Loomis (interim)

Task Force constituting conference call

The first conference call of the Task Force will constitute itself and its members and agree on the used infrastructure. The following is a proposed agenda; please provide more suggestions.

  1. Nomination and appointment of TF chair
    1. Suggestion: Matteo Turilli
  2. Telefonferencing system
    1. Suggestions: EVO, HiDef
  3. Meeting/Conference frequency and dates
    1. Suggestions: weekly until decided to change
  4. Further TF member candidates
    1. Suggestions:
  5. AOB


EGI Virtualisation activities: