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EGI Pay-for-Use PoC:Responsibilities

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The table below provides a list of responsibilities, participants and an overview of activities per area.

Resource Center contacts are available here

Area Lead Alternate Contact Participants Activity Overview
PoC Management Sy Holsinger Sergio Andreozzi N/A
  • Chair Meetings
  • Prepare minutes
  • Follow agreed actions
Accounting/GOCDB John Gordon Stuart Pullinger N/A
  • Coordinate efforts between RCs and AP
  • Ensure required development
Accounting Portal Alvaro Simon Ivan Diaz N/A
  • Coordinate efforts between GOCDB and RCs
  • Ensure required development
Tool Development Diego Scardaci Vincenzo Spinoso Horst Schwichtenberg
André Gemünd
Dobromir Georgiev
Viet Tran
  • Identify tools required to support pay-for-use
  • Provide prioritization of development and implementation
Operations Kostas Koumantaros Tiziana Ferrari Horst Schwichtenberg
André Gemünd
Todor Gurov
Viet Tran
  • Provide input regarding operational infrastructure
  • Support gap analysis
FedCloud Aspects John Gordon Ivan Diaz Alvaro Simon
Stuart Pullinger
Horst Schwichtenberg
André Gemünd
Emanouil Atanassov
Viet Tran
  • Serve as interface between the PoC and FedCloud
  • Gather requirements
Survey Sy Holsinger Javier Jimenez Todor Gurov
  • Gather information required from RCs and UCs
  • Revise initial survey and circulate
  • Provide response analysis
Service Management Sy Holsinger David Blundell Alessandro Costantini
Emanouil Atanassov
  • Identify required agreements in various business scenarios
Legal/Policy Issues Sy Holsinger
Jelena Tamulienė
Horst Schwichtenberg
André Gemünd
  • Analyse legal and policy issues in an academic/research environment