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EGI-InSPIRE:User Services Advisory Group

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The User Services Advisory Group (USAG) is formally closed as of 02 October 2012.

The User Services Advisory Group (USAG) had representatives from the user communities and from the developer teams of user-facing services to discuss and advice on the evolution of user tools and requirement based on requirements gathered from user communities.

USAG Terms of Reference

USAG was

  • a forum to discuss the development direction of user-related tools developed within NA3 and JRA1. The directions must be driven by the requirements and recommendations collected from user communities.
  • USAG helps the User Community Board (UCB) to make informed decisions. Particularly, USAG
    • reviews of requirements collected and pre-processed by UCST before the UCB
    • identifies gaps that should be filled by UCST before presenting the list to the UCB
    • identifies inconsistencies that the UCST should try to resolve before presenting the list to the UCB
    • identifies potential technologies/approaches to deliver the required new services and functionalities
    • identifies dependencies among the requirements, recommendations to support the planning
    • associates estimated cost of development with the requirements
  • a forum to discuss the user requirement and recommendation gathering processes used by EGI

USAG was not

  • a forum to communicate new user requirements and recommendations to NA3. Other channels are provided by the UCST for this purpose.
  • a forum to discuss the short term development problems of tools delivered by NA3. The fortnightly NA3 sub-task leaders meetings provide forum for this.
  • a forum to discuss the short term development problems of tools delivered by JRA1. The weekly JRA1 meetings and OTAG meetings provide forum for this.

User Tools (user tools provided by EGI-InSPIRE project)

List of USAG Members

  • Chair: Leader of TNA3.3 task (NGI User Support Teams), Gergely Sipos/
  • Secretary, Maria Dimou/CERN
  • Representing the customers of user-facing services:
    • User Community Board Chair: Steve Brever/
    • Two VRC representatives to be selected by the UCB to represent the interests of the Virtual Research Communities
  • A representative from the Heavy User Communities: Jamie Shiers/CERN
  • Representative of the SA3 (Heavy User Communities) work package: Maria Girone/CERN
  • Representing the developers and providers of user-facing services:
    • The NA3 Technical Services task leader: Marios Chatziangelou/IASA
    • Training Services: Claire Devereux, Tom Morrison/STFC
    • Applications Database: William Vassilis Karageorgos/IASA
    • VO Services: Ignacio Blanquer/UPV, Gonçalo Borges/LIP
    • GGUS helpdesk: Torsten Antoni, Helmut Dres, Guenter Grein /KIT
    • Operations Portal: Hélène Cordier, Cyril Lorphelin /IN2P3
  • Representative of Operations (SA1): Tiziana Ferrari/