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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
5/8/2011 5th OLA Task Force meeting Further evolution of the RP OLA and the VO SLA

2. Main Achievements

  • The RP OLA document has been produced and discussed in the EGI Technical Forum in Lyon.
  • The VO SLA document was also produced
  • First NGI Core service reports were generated in October 2011 for the TopBDII service using the MyEGI programmatic interface
  • EGI sites availability recalculation procedure was finalized (PROC10)
  • Service Level Management Support Unit was created in GGUS and wil be used for availability/reliability issues
  • A documentation and operations training session was held in the EGI Technical Forum in Lyon. This handled PROC01, FAQ creation from GGUS and Nagios from the perspective of RODs and SAM Nagios admins (about 30 participants).
  • GOCWIKI got turned off, everything was migrated away from it.
  • PROC01 was changed to not involve COD as much.

EGI Catch-All CA

The EGI Catch All CA is servicing 5 countries which do not have a national accredited Certification Authority. These countries are Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Senegal. In addition a Registration Authority has been established at SixSq, a company located in Switzerland and affiliated with the StratusLab project.

Core services for uncertified sites

  • The web service through which NGI managers can add uncertified sites to the EGI catch-all WMS and BDII services is now operated as a production service. It is available at [1]

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
The Virtual Site concept for Core services is not easy to implement In case of the Top BDII MyEGI programmatic interace was used together with a special spreadsheet for the calculation

4. Plans for the next period

  • Work will start on the OLA
  • Possibilities to obtain availability/reliability for more Core services will be explored
  • The availability profile used for EGI sites will need to be separated from WLCG sites.
  • Further clean up the operations wiki

5. Number of sites suspended

Month Suspended sites
July 2011 2
August 2011 0
September 2011 2