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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
07/05/2012 Grid Operations Meeting
01/06/2012 Grid Operations Meeting
06/06/2012 MAPPER task force meeting
06/06/2012 UNICORE task force meeting
15/06/2012 Globus integration task force meeting
18/06/2012 Grid Operations Meeting
02/07/2012 Grid Operations Meeting
06/07/2012 GLUE support in IGE
16/07/2012 Grid Operations Meeting

2. Main Achievements

  • Write part of SA2 MS512 - staged rollout section
  • Several changes to the overall SW provisioning process is described in MS512
  • New public EGI repositories containing the packages in verification and staged rollout, are now available to sites if they want to update non production versions.
  • Several new EA have committed to staged rollout, a well as some products without EA up to now such as LFC Oracle, FTS, some Globus products also.
  • SW provisioning of UMD2 containing a fraction of EMI2, and preparation for the first UMD2.1 update with several other products, this will include also several IGE products. All products in SL5, SL6 and some in Debian6.
  • SW provisioning of 2 UMD1 updates, and one more in preparation.
  • The SW provisioning changes to the process are the start of preparation towards the end of EMI and IGE as projects.


Integration of Globus tests into Operations portal is in the phase of assessing outputs from probes by ROD teams. UNICORE tests are put on hold until SAM version Update-17 is released, due to the issue in SAM Update-15. Additional information can be found in the GGUS ticket:

SAM version Update-17 started software release procedure on July 3rd. SAM Update-17 contains new version of ARC and UNICORE probes and Desktop Grids probes. In order to thoroughly test the integration 3 additional EAs participated in staged rollout:

  • NGI_FI - ARC probes
  • NGI_PL - UNICORE probes
  • NGI_HU - Desktop Grids probe.

Integration of UNICORE probes was improved in SAM version Update-19:

  • update probes package
  • probes are configured to use resource information system instead of a central one
  • two new tests are added: emi.unicore.UNICORE-Job and emi.unicore.StorageFactory

QCG/MAPPER probes provided by NGI_PL were fully integrated with SAM in version Update-19. Additional information can be found here: Furthermore QCG team submitted a request for support unit in GGUS:

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Issue description Issue mitigation

4. Plans for the next period

  • Continue the work on provisioning the MW after the end of EMI and IGE projects. The packages will be distribute in community repositories such as EPEL for SL (RHEL clones) and Debian official repositories.


Finishing integration of Globus and UNICORE tests into Operations portal.

Integration of QCG test into Operations portal. Finishing creation of QCG support unit in GGUS.

Improving site and service certification procedure in order to better suite new middlewares.