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(Period 2)
(Period 2)
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* Q8 Feb-March-Apr 2012
* Q8 Feb-March-Apr 2012
The effort task breakdown is also available at https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Activity_Management_Board <br>
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[[Category:Project administration]]

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EGI-Engage Project Office: Contact details Contracts, Minutes Reimbursing procedures Project reporting Advance Payments Financial reports Project Administration Archive

EGI-InSPIRE Effort reporting

Merging of NA2-NA3: how to declare your efforts from Nov 1st:

In the CA tables, all N effort has been shifted automatically to NA2.1N and the unfunded NA3 effort has moved to SA1.7 which is where the User Support has moved too. The new roles and N tasks are defined as follows:

Task NA2.1N: NGI International Liaison role (NIL)
Up to two members of staff working as NGI International Liaisons can be reporting under NA2.1N to represent the NIL.
These people must be recorded in the NILs mailing list too https://www.egi.eu/sso/groupView/ngi-international-liaisons.


 1- PPT: Contact Sjomara Specht sjomara.specht@egi.eu to confirm your contribution into NA2.1 as NIL or deputy
 2- Mailing list: Contact Erika Swiderski erika.swiderski@egi.eu to register 

Task NA2.6N: Virtual Team
Other staff may report under NA2.6N if they are working as part of recognised virtual team. Local effort within NGIs can contribute to these NA2.6 tasks, meaning without additional EC project funding.


 1- Check the Virtual team projects at https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Virtual_Team_Projects
 2- Inform the VT leader that your NGI will be part of the team
 3- Inform the PO office if you charge your time to this task.

Note: People in the VTs reporting in NA2.6 can go into the VT specific mailing lists managed by their VT leaders.

Unfunded NA3 effort has moved to SA1.7


 1- Inform Tiziana Ferrari tiziana.ferrari@egi.eu, Leader of SA1
 2- Inform the PO office as these efforts shall not be funded

Quarterly report procedure:

These reports are formal deliverables for the European Commission, applicable to all members of the EGI-InSPIRE project, beneficiaries and Joint Research Unit members. The contributions will be assembled and edited by the PO. Issues requiring clarification will be identified and communicated to the PO.

The schedule is described below with reference to days after the end of the month for the submission of the timesheets using PPT and Project Quarterly report:

Submission of the timesheets:
• M+10 calendar days: Timesheet deadline
• M+15 calendar days: Timesheet Validation

Submission of Project Quarterly report:
• PQ+22: PO circulates a final version to the PMB for review
• PQ+30: Submit to EC

Each Project Quarterly report covers 4 quarters:

PQ1: May-July 2010 PQ2: Aug-Oct 2010 PQ3: Nov10- Jan 2011 PQ4: Feb-Apr 2011

PQ5: May-July 2011 PQ6: Aug-Oct 2011 PQ7: Nov10- Jan 2012 PQ8: Feb-Apr 2012

PQ9: May-July 2012 PQ10: Aug-Oct 2012 PQ11: Nov10- Jan 2013 PQ12: Feb-Apr 2013

PQ13: May-July 2013 PQ14: Aug-Oct 2013 PQ15: Nov10- Jan 2014 PQ16: Feb-Apr 2014

Period 1

The effort task breakdown is also available at https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Activity_Management_Board

Period 2

The effort task breakdown is also available at https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Activity_Management_Board