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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
6 NGI_PL CYFRONET Małgorzata Krakowian



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
12-13 October 2011 Poland, Poznan e-IRG workshop 136

The e-Infrastructure Reflection Group organises workshops twice a year in
collaboration with the country holding the EU presidency. Workshops are
open to all, and function as incubators for feeding new information and
trends into the e-IRG plenum work. Internal meetings for the e-IRG
delegates are also scheduled four times a year.
The workshop includes some tomics related to EGI activities:
- Data Infrastructures and Data Management
- How to integrate the data infrastructure with the existing grid and
HPC infrastructures
- Users and infrastructure providers – demands vs. offers


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
18-23/09/2011 Lyon
Technical Forum EGI 2011
EGI council 1

Second French Grid Operations Workshop 1
Exchanged experiences on Operations Model, Service Catalogue, Resource Allocation within NGIs. Founded mainly by France Grilles.
19-23 September 2011 Lyon
Technical Forum EGI 2011
24-28 November 2011 Poland,Poznan
Future Interenet Assembly

The European Future Internet Assembly also known as FIA, is a collaboration between projects that have recognised the need to strengthen European activities on the Future Internet to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace.


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2.1. Progress Summary

  1. Nagios
    1. Production instance: Polish NGI integrated own tests into offcial EGI SAM/nagios production instance: scientific applications, additional UNICORE and QCG middleware tests
    2. Testing instance: UPDATE-14 (with UNICORE tests) was installed and tested. Our testing instance also started to test uncertified sites.
  2. Unicore
    1. Preparation of UNICORE tests for SAM update 14, testing and debuging
    2. Initiation of work on UNICORE accounting intergation with APEL
  3. Availability/Reliability metrics
    1. NGI _PL availability for August 80% and in September 89; low A/R due to new services and hardware integration.
  4. NGI_PL security team
    1. regular operational actions within EGI CSIRT IRTF
    2. taking part in weekly and monthly meetings of EGI CSIRT
    3. participation in EGI CSIRT F2F meeting in Lyon (2 attendants)
    4. submission of 2 vulnerabilities to EGI SVG
    1. NGI_PL registered QCG and CUSTOM_SERVICE services in GOCDB. NGI_PL is testing alarm generation in Operations Portal for these services.
  6. Changes on sites
    1. WCSS64
      1. new services UNICORE, QCG
    2. CAMK
      1. Migration to ScientificLinux 5.6 and gLite 3.2
      2. SE is working right now as SRM and SRMv2
      3. new services: CREAMCE, APEL
      4. new hardware 120TB disc space RAID6 and 144 cores Xeon X5650
    3. TASK
      1. new services: QosCosGrid and UMD Cream
      2. new hardware: 191 nodes and vSMP machine.
      1. new services:<span class="clickylink" />, <span class="clickylink" />
      2. new hardware: 120 x (2CPU (Intel Xeon X5660) + 24GB RAM ), and  32x ( 2CPU(AMD Opteron 2435)  + 32GB RAM),  SunFire 4540 48TB raw
    5. New site certified: WUT
  7. Task forces in which NGI_PL participate
    1. OLA TF
    2. Regionalisation TF
    3. UNICORE Integration TF
    4. Federated Clouds TF
  8. Technical Forum - Lyon
    1. NGI_PL took an active part in TF sessions
      1. UNICORE Task Force :
      2. RC FORUM
      3. Tool Marketplace:

2.2. Main Achievements

NGI_PL is highly involved in several task forces. We support and introduce a wide range of middlewares (glite, UNICORE, QCG) to adapt to the demands and needs of users.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description