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Organising Committee

This page is for the Organising Committee, and shows the current open actions and queries.

Current Actions List

Notes from meetings with VU, BAIP and AIM, Vilnius, 16 November

Organising Committee

  1. Letter for BAIP and VU stating that this consortium is entitled to organize the EGI User FORUM in Vilnius. 11.22, Rob
  2. Set up a wiki for actions and deadlines. November, Rob/Catherine
  3. Establish series of phone meetings, Rob/Catherine


  1. Example of possible sponsorship packages, including dimensions of logos on printed materials, et. 11.22, Rob/Catherine.
  2. Sponsorship revenues go to the Lithuanian consortium to cover event costs. Will be administrated by AIM. One person needs to be assigned to take care of sponsorship sales. BAIP&VU, end of November.
  3. Confirm who the 20 free registrations mentioned in the bid are for. November, Rob/Catherine


  1. Agenda shall be finished in the mid-January by EGI. Wishes regarding Lithuanian track (perhaps with input from other countries in the region) must be provided before Christmas. BAIP&VU.
  2. Number of rooms needs to be decided by the end of November. Rob/Catherine
  3. Prime Minister as a key note in a welcoming speech. BAIP&VU arranges agreement with Government House.
  4. Darius from AIM Baltic shall be included in this mailing list as responsible for hotel and other organizational issues. Zydrune will send his contacts to Steven. 11.26

Exhibition Booths

  1. Guide for exhibitors needed, including the price of booths. Rob/Catherine
  2. Information on what is provided in the booth eg table, chairs and a list of equipment that can be hired separately eg monitors, laptops, projectors. AIM
  3. Revenue for the booths to be collected by AIM. Exhibitors will complete a form with their request plus equipment needs and forward to AIM, who will issue an invoice. Form is needed. AIM

Registration website

  1. Registration website to be created by AIM, including 3 star hotel options as well as Radisson. Mid December AIM
  2. New user first creates an account, then logs back in to register, book accommodation and pay. System can also print badges and send reminders. All the different fee structures can be added from the beginning ie early bird, full week, single day, conference dinner, or they can be automatically changed once early bird closes. Onsite payment is also possible.
  3. Confirm details to be collected during registration ie name, project membership, contact details, address, subscriptions to iSGTW and EGI Inspired. Rob/Catherine


  1. AIM can interact with speakers, booking their travel and rooms if needed. Confirm the names of speakers for AIM. Rob/Catherine
  2. AIM will run a speakers desk at the event, where they can upload the speakers presentations (NOTE: They should be uploaded to Indico, not just on to the machine in the room

Conference packs

  1. AIM to propose a design package for producing the short and long programmes, notepads, bags, pens. AIM


  1. Confirm cancellation policy for delegates for the event and for hotel rooms. AIM
  2. Confirm an email that can be added to the website for delegate enquiries about local logistics, processing of payments etc AIM

Conference dinner and cocktail venues

  1. Possible venues include the National Gallery, the Trakai Castle, the SkyBar for receptions and dinner. AIM to confirm maximum numbers allowed in each venue, costs and availability. AIM