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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
QR9 IGI INFN P. Veronesi



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
June, 1 VCONF IPv6 testing activities Barbara Krasovec (ARNES); Tomas Kouba (FZU); Mario Reale (GARR) Plans for testing og gLite and ARC
June, 6 VCONF HINTS-pS-MDM possible integration Olivier Lenormand, Domenico Vicinanza, Gilian Gambini, Mario Reale, Roland Karch, Susanne Naegele-Jackson, Buelent Arslan, Christian Naensch, Hakan Calim A first general discussion on possible integration between the deployment modules of HINTS and PerfSONAR MDM took place. Decision taken to organize further meeting to deepen technical details


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
July, 4-6 Palermo (Italy) The Sixth International Conference on Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems (CISIS-2012) Vania Boccia Talk about "Modelling the Behaviour of an Adaptive Scheduling Controller",
June, 14-15 CERN HEPiX IPv6 Mario Reale Decision to integrate IPv6 testbeds servers and resources of HEPiX, EGI and EMI and to support 3 VOs.
May, 14-17 Naples (Italy) Workshop INFN GARR 2012 Giacinto Donvito, Marco Bencivenni, Luciano Gaido Talks about: Report TEG WLCG data mgmt, Web Interfaces for distribute compute and storage resources, Cloud experiences in Italian communities - agenda (in italian):
May, 9-11 Gothenburg (Sweden) BioVeL MS6 workshop Giacinto Donvito Presenting Web Service solution for exploiting IGI/EGI resource using Taverna,


Publication title Journal / Proceedings title Journal references
Volume number

Pages from - to
Et al?
HADAB: Enabling Fault Tolerance in Parallel Applications Running in Distributed Environments Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics 9th International Conference, PPAM 2011 Lecture Notes in Computer Science n.7203, ISSN 0302-9743, ISBN 978-3-642-31463-6, pp.700-709 V.Boccia, L.Carracciuolo, G. Laccetti, M.Lapegna, and V. Mele


2.1. Progress Summary

2.1.2. GARR  


  • In the period May-July 2012 GARR has been organizing a VCONF on IPv6 testng activities. ARNES, GARR and FZU joined it. A draft plan to test ARC and gLite components has been produced. It has been agreed to report on results at the forthcoming EGI TF in Prague, September. HEPiX IPv6 testing activities have been closely followed, and at a F2F meeting at CERN on June 14-15 it has been agreed to merge testbed resources between HEPiX, EMI and EGI. Testers have been identified for UNICORE components using IPv6, at KIT.

Multi Domain Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • The idea of merging the deployment modules of HINTS probes and PerfSONAR MDM Measurement Points has been investigated. A first meeting has been organized about this between GARR, FranceGrille /CNRS, DANTE and DFN/GN3 PerfSONAR. This would support the further deployment and spread adoption of both tools.

2.1.2. INFN  

Migration activity

  • The migration activity of the Sites is ongoing. The deprecation of the gLite3.1 services (lcg-CE, site-BDII, SRM) will be completed soon: 45 of the 38 sites contacted have already dismissed the corresponding services. The remaining ones are just tied to specific site/VO issues and will upgrade during September (October for DPM).
  • The migration of all the services from glite3.2 to EMI is planned to happen by September, several sites are already upgrading their services or have moved directly from glite 3.1 to EMI.
  • Core Grid services provided by NGI_IT have been upgraded to EMI-1 or EMI-2 (one LFC server is still gLite3.2 and will be upgraded in the next weeks).

Resource centers changes

  • Five Resource centers are suspended (GRISU-COMETA-UNICT-DIIT, GRISU-COMETA-UNIPA, INFN-NAPOLI-CMS, SISSA-Trieste, SNS-PISA).
  • Two Resource centere have been closed (GRISU-CYBERSAR-CAGLIARI, INFN-LNS).
  • One Resource center changed its name (IGI-BOLOGNA, was INFN-CNAF).
  • Two new Resource centers are under certification (CESIC-UNICAL, INAF-TS);

IGI report generator tool

  • The IGI report tool web interface has been improved to show statistics about a more exhaustive set of accounting metrics. Moreover, it's now possible to obtain a report of more then one month, by selecting start and end months.

IGI portal

  • IGI Portal ( is now accessible for all communities part of IDEM federation.
  • We are developing a new plugin for the IGI portal, in order to make easier the data management task to the Grid end user.
  • We are working on storage solution for providing storage services for scientific gateway

New core service

  • AMGA catalog: an AMGA server has been installed and configured. Some tests have been carried out and the server is now available for Italian


  • CVMFS: a CVMFS server is now available for SuperB community;
  • CVMFS: a CVMFS server is under test to distribute software for some regional VOs;

National Certification Authority

  • Improvements in the design of the IGI on line CA, preparation of the needed certificate profiles and setup of a first test environment with all the final elements foreseen in the architecture (CA,Myproxy server,public frontend etc..).
  • Preparation of the CP/CPS document of the ROOT-CA and first rough draft of the CP/CPS document for the On Line CA.
  • Test of the Hardware Security Module for the IGI online CA with the CA management software that will be used in the production system


  • Support to the sites for the incident response, vulnerability assessment and monitoring.
  • Organization of the EGI-CSIRT training sessions at the next Technical Forum 2012.

2.2. Main Achievements

2.2.1. GARR


  • Coordination with the HEPiX IPv6 testing team and EMI resulted in the decision to jointly support 3 VOs:, and IPv6 testing will go ahead during the summer months of July and August.

Multi Domain Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • All intervening persons to the pS-MDM/HINTS meeting agreed to organize a technical meeting to further investigate technical details of the proposed integrated deployment scenario. This will be held at the beginning of September.

2.2.2. INFN

  • The IGI report generator is a more powerful statistics tool.
  • IGI Portal is now available to all users part of IDEM federation.
  • An AMGA the server is now available for Italian communities.
  • CVMFS server is now available for SuperB community.
  • Partecipation Virtual team projects (National and International)
    • VT MPI within EGI
    • MPI-Multicore IGI group
  • During the quarter, EAs performed SR activities for some grid components(LFC, WMS, CLUSTER, CREAM, STORM, VOMS, SAM)
  • Contribution to the final version of the D4.4 deliverable "Security Risk Assessment of the EGI Infrastructure", in particular to the threats definition and risk evaluation.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Relevant and blockng failures during SAM Nagios update 17 caused the interruption of the main server. Successfully switched to the fail-over instance. Issues fixed dropping metric result store database.