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Each partner has agreed to commit effort from their organisation to specified tasks within the project. This activity is recorded in the Consortium Agreement. The effort provided by the staff within each partner when working on each task is recorded in the PPT. The details of who is doing what within each task need to be recorded. The process to record time in PPT is:

  • 1. Each member of staff that works in the project, or supervises someone in the project through PPT MUST have an EGI SSO account username that can be obtained from
  • 2. For each work package the following information is needed for each staff:
    • a. The EGI SSO username of the individual
    • b. The partner ID for their employer
    • c. Their supervisor and their deputy supervisor within their own organisation who will be validating their timesheet. Provide the EGI SSO username
    • d. The task(s) that the person will be working on within EGI-InSPIRE
    • e. The amount of time (PM) that the person will be spending on each task
    • f. What the person will be doing with that task. This should be clear and informative and goes into MS102 Execution Plan
  • 3. The work package name that you are working on MAY depend on the task that you are doing within the work package depending on if the work is Management, an EGI Global Task, an NGI International Task or a General Task. These activities have different subsidiary rates within the project.
Work Package Task Type PPT Name
WP1 (NA1) Management WP1-M
WP1 (NA1) EGI Global WP1-E
WP2 (NA2) EGI Global WP2-E
WP2 (NA2) NGI International WP2-N
WP3 (NA3) EGI Global WP3-E
WP3 (NA3) NGI International WP3-N
WP4 (SA1) EGI Global WP4-E
WP4 (SA1) NGI International WP4-N
WP5 (SA2) EGI Global WP5-E
WP6 (SA3) General WP6-G
WP7 (JRA1) EGI Global WP7-E
WP7 (JRA1) General WP7-G
  • 4. Please report ALL effort for each month, whether funded or unfunded, in PPT. The reimbursement rate will be calculated later depending on the subsidiary rate for each task. All effort should be reported so that the correct cost claims can be made.

This information is used to calculate cost claims for each Quarterly report.