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EGI-InSPIRE:Deliverable and Milestone review workflow

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Deliverables and Milestones: Home Review procedure Review process Review Roles Review workflow Review timetable

Time before submission Person Action RT Action
>2 months PO Create DoCDB URLs and enter into RT. Obtain moderator and reviewers from the AMB Chair and add these into the ticket fields and cc on the ticket. Set the DoCDB metadata (see Section 2.4) and the view and modify groups to the inspire-taskleaders and the activity group responsible for the work. Remains blank and is assigned to Shepherd
7 weeks Shepherd Add the editor onto the cc of the ticket. Ensure the editor has provided the table of contents (optionally including notes as to the contents of each section) and the document is stored in DoCDB Set state to ToC
6 weeks Shepherd Shepherd is aware a draft is available in the repository and is under active development with revisions from the contributors Set state to Draft
5 weeks Shepherd The draft is stable and is undergoing review within the activity and is nearly complete Set state to Internal Review
4 weeks Shepherd The document is ready for external review. Set state to External Review and assign to the PO
Immediately (***) PO PO notifies reviewer(s), moderator and AMB that the document is available for review. Confirm expected review completion date with reviewers Enter completion date as Due Date in RT
PO Notify the Editor that review is complete Set state to Being Revised
Editor Notify the PO an updated document is available Set state to External Review and return to ***
PO The external review is complete. Notify the AMB that the document has completed external review Set state to AMB Review and assign to the AMB Chair
1 week AMB Chair The PMB is emailed that the document is available for the PMB to review for 1 week Set state to PMB Review
Deadline AMB Chair A clean PDF version of the document is generated by the PO and placed in the document repository with updated meta-data Set state to With EC