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17.-22.9. Prague EGI TF 2012 400


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2.1. User Support achievements

During PQ10 NGI_CZ user support activities for new and current communities focused on the following main areas:

  • continuous bulk production and user support in VO auger, atlas, alice, voce, metacentrum,...
    • VO voce: the improvement of the available documentation for local users
    • VO metacentrum: improvement of documentation, installation of new application software accessible via local grid only (therefore not involved in EGI application database)
    • VO auger: First discussions about possible use of the DIRAC as a file catalog and possible also production system. Tests of file transfers to a new SE associated with the Prague site but located in Pilsen (aka distributed Tier2). Demonstration of jobs submition to the test cloud site during EGI TF demo.
  • We gained 50+ new users from various academic institutions (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Universities) in PQ10
  • EGI TF 2012 organisation and participation
  • Participation in 2 EGI VTs (reported separately)
  • Communication with people from ELIXIR_CZ node resulted to VT ELIXIR proposal (VT now participate more than 20 people from 12 countries, reported separately)

2.2. Plans

  • VO auger: continue in evaluation of parameter changes on the production efficiency, test DIRAC file cataloque as a possible substitution for the LFC, clean the LFC from obsolete entries (if tools available and well tested), test FTS transfers from and to more sites.
  • VOs atlas and alice: continue with large scale production and analysis on praguelcg2 site, gradually decrease space allocated in the GROUPDISK and reallocate it to DATADISK, participate (at least remotely) in the Tier1,2,3 jamboree, follow recommendations of the DPM Community workshop, support local users
  • VO belle: General support on the site, preparation of accounting reports for local Belle representatives
  • Planed dissemination:
    • presentation on PRACE workshop in IT4I Ostrava (6.11.), Czech Republic
    • 2 workshops in 2 academic institutions (mid of November), Czech Republic

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description