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3 NGI_CZ Czech Republic Miroslav Ruda



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Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
24.-25.1. 2011 Amsterdam Operations Management Board 1
25.1. 2011 Amsterdam OTAG 1
28.11. - 2.12 2010 CERN ATLAS computing week 1 -


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2.1. Progress Summary

  • APEL accounting service was successfully deployed on CESNET cluster, complete migration to APEL will be finished in February.
  • Migration to new certification authority CESNET CA3 has started, most of services are already running with service certificate signed by new CA.
  • Migration to glite 3.2 was done on almost all services, the only missing services are LCG-CE (still missing in glite 3.2) and MON box (delayed due to certificate upgrade).
  • Regular maintenance and upgrades of national instances of Nagios, Top BDII and Operations, as well as set of services provided for VOCE and Auger VOs (WMS, LB, UI, MyProxy, VOMS, LFC).
  • Maintenance of the RequestTracker ticketing system (RT) and the interface between RT and the GGUS. NGI_CZ is also actively participating in the GGUS-RT Interface Task Force. In the last reporting period we had to deal with issues stemming from unrehearsed and impromptu interconnecting of different NGI ticketing systems and mailing lists and take measures to prevent these issues in the future.
  • As the coordinator of the security monitoring activity of EGI CSIRT, we produced a draft of functions of security dashboard and initiated discussions with the portal developers and OTAG about enhancing the current operations dashboard accordingly. A final decision about the implementation has been than taken by OTAG and the work has started. A first prototype of the security dashboard is planned for cca May 2011.
  • Improvements to the EGI Pakiti service, which detects unpatched machines in the infrastructure (namely an alerting mechanism was added, which sents out notifications whenever a critical vulnerability appears).
  • Regular activities in the EGI CSIRT, we acted a duty-contact for one week.
  • Regular support for VOCE users (plus yearly account renewal), Belle community in Czech Republic (experiments on prague_cesnet_lcg2 cluster), and support for Auger VO (data management issues, long-term jobs running over time limits)
  • An experimental instance of the LB server has been deployed, along with required MSG_PUBLISH patches.

2.2. Main Achievements

  • gLite 3.2 migration almost done, MON box upgrade was delayed with CA change, the only missing service is LCG-CE
  • Installation of new worker nodes adding about 4600 HEPSpec performance to cluster praguelcg2. Installation of new DPM disk servers that should provide about 1PB disk space. This space is not in production yet. The servers are still under performance and burn-in tests.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Low availability/reliability numbers for prague_cesnet_lcg2 cluster in December (73%) Problem was invoked by SAM org.sam.WN-Rep group, which is failing irregularly. Problem is detected only by SAM test, productions runs are not affected. We are investigating this issue, more information in is in GGUS ticket