Adding Custom Service to Availability Monitoring

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Alert.png This article is Deprecated and should no longer be used, but is still available for reasons of reference.


The Service Availability Monitoring (SAM) system is used to monitor the resources within the production infrastructure. SAM monitoring data is used for calculation of availability and reliability of grid sites. It includes the following components:

  • test execution framework based on the open source monitoring framework Nagios and the Nagios Configuration Generator (NCG)
  • database components which contain topology (gathered from GOCDB and other sources), profiles (mapping between service types and tests), test results and availability and reliability of sites and services
  • visualization portal MyEGI which enables users to access current status, history and availability of monitored sites and services
  • programmatic interface which enables other tools (e.g. Operations Portal, VO dashboards) to access test results and availability and reliability of sites and services
  • probes used to test monitored services. These probes are provided by middleware developers and third parties (e.g. NGIs, Nagios community).

SAM architecture

Sam architecture.png

Operational tools such as the GOCDB management system and the SAM monitoring system are key software components for the reliable and stable operation/monitoring of the infrastructure.

GOCDB - Grid Configuration Database (GOCDB) contains general information about the sites participating to the production Grid. Accessed by all the project actors (end-users, sitemanagers, NGI mangers, support teams, VO managers), by other tools and by third party middleware in order to get Grid topology. The portal has a single central installation.

Services registered in GOCDB are described with the following information:

  • Service Type: a unique name that identifies the type of software component deployed on a Grid.
  • Service Endpoint: is a deployed instance of a named service type
  • Endpoint Location: a Service Endpoint may optionally define an Endpoint Location which locates the service (URL).

MS421 document (Reference)


Monitoring requestor EGI Operations
1. Register at GOCDB and request a new custom service type following this procedure here.
2. OMB validates the request.
3. Develop the custom service probes for your service. How to develop new probes, please have a look here. After your probes are developed, please follow this procedure for submitting them for validation and integration into SAM framework next release.
4. OTAG validates the request.
5. You can see your service being tested by the probes at MyEGI portal.