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Test APEL Server

There is now a test server available, receiving data via SSM2. It will accept CPU, storage and cloud accounting data.

In order to send data to the test server, you must use SSM2 or compatible software. Please coordinate testing with the APEL team: apel-ssm-test@jiscmail.ac.uk. You need to provide the DN of the certificate used to sign the messages in order for the messages to be accepted.

Connection details


You may connect using the following broker:

  • stomp://test-msg02.afroditi.hellasgrid.gr:6163


CPU Accounting
  • /queue/global.accounting.cputest.CENTRAL
Storage Accounting
  • /queue/global.accounting.storagetest.CENTRAL
Cloud Accounting
  • /queue/global.accounting.cloudtest.CENTRAL

Data transfer


Please see the SSM page for installing and configuring SSM2: APEL/SSM.


Other software must comply with the EMI Messaging Protocol for Accounting (EMPA). See this page for more: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/APEL/MessagingProtocol.

Message formats

CPU accounting

CPU accounting data can be in one of two formats:

Storage accounting

This must be in the EMI StAR format (v1.2):

Cloud accounting

This must be in the APEL format:

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