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Configuring the SSM

The supplied configuration will send messages to the test server CPU accounting SSM.

However, if you need to configure something differently, here are the instructions:

CPU Accounting in Production

This should only be done, once successful testing on the test server has been done. Please contact the APEL team for the setup instructions: APEL-SUPPORT@JISCMAIL.CO.UK

Storage Accounting

This is currently being tested, if you want to send StAR records to the test server you should make the following changes:

Update the configuration file ssm.cfg default location is /opt/apel/ssm/conf

Things you might want to change

  1. log file location:
    1. under the [handler_fileHandler] heading, change the line beginning 'args'.
    2. the 'a' argument means that the log file is appended to.
    3. beware! - the logging module won't expand environment variables, so you must use a full path
  2. logging levels for stomppy or SSM:
    1. under the [logger_*] headings, change the line beginning 'level'.
    2. the possible values are DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, CRIITICAL.

Things you probably don't want to change

Everything else. If you know the python logging system, you can configure the logging as you like - see http://docs.python.org/library/logging.config.html.