TermTraffic Light Protocol

The Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) is a simple system to control sharing of potentially sensitive information.

Information sharing happens from an information source, towards one or more recipients. TLP is a set of four labels used to indicate the sharing boundaries to be applied by the recipients. The four TLP labels are: TLP:RED, TLP:AMBER, TLP:GREEN, and TLP:CLEAR.

  • The source is responsible for ensuring that recipients of TLP-labeled information understand and can follow TLP sharing guidance.
  • The source is at liberty to specify additional sharing restrictions. These must be adhered to by recipients.
  • If a recipient needs to share information more widely than indicated by the TLP label it came with, they must obtain explicit permission from the source.

TLP:REDFor the eyes and ears of individual recipients only, no further disclosure.Sources may use TLP:RED when information cannot be effectively acted upon without significant risk for the privacy, reputation, or operations of the organizations involved. Recipients may therefore not share TLP:RED information with anyone else. In the context of a meeting, for example, TLP:RED information is limited to those present at the meeting.
TLP:AMBERLimited disclosure, recipients can only spread this on a need-to-know basis within their organization and its clients.

Sources may use TLP:AMBER when information requires support to be effectively acted upon, yet carries risk to privacy, reputation, or operations if shared outside of the organizations involved. Recipients may share TLP:AMBER information with members of their own organization and its clients, but only on a need-to-know basis to protect their organization and its clients and prevent further harm. Note: if the source wants to restrict sharing to the organization only, they must specify TLP:AMBER+STRICT.

TLP:GREENLimited disclosure, recipients can spread this within their community.

Sources may use TLP:GREEN when information is useful to increase awareness within their wider community. Recipients may share TLP:GREEN information with peers and partner organizations within their community, but not via publicly accessible channels. TLP:GREEN information may not be shared outside of the community.

Note: when “community” is not defined, assume the cybersecurity/defense community.

TLP:CLEARRecipients can spread this to the world, there is no limit on disclosure.

Sources may use TLP:CLEAR when information carries minimal or no foreseeable risk of misuse, in accordance with applicable rules and procedures for public release. Subject to standard copyright rules, TLP:CLEAR information may be distributed without restriction.

Note: TLP:WHITE labels have been deprecated in TLP 2.0 and should be treated as TLP:CLEAR.

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