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VT E and B CRM update process

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How to check CRM information and to complete and up to date in the fields of Environmental & Biodiversity

Checking is possible for anybody having a CRM account but modifying is possible only if the object to modify is assigned to your NGI (If you can not modify contact your NIL: the NIL is able to modify the objects assigned to his/her NGI)

How to check: CRM HOWTO

  • Login in with your EGI SSO account.

if you do not have the right to login, ask your NIL to get this right.

  • When logged, in the "data management" menu, choose "accounts" item. Then, the list of all accounts appears:
  1. You have to consider that an account is a sort of "client" you have to deal with, in our case an entity to contact.
  2. We have interest in the accounts in the "Environmental Sciences" or "Environmental Sciences and Earth Science... " disciplines. But you have to know that a lot of accounts do not have a discipline. It can be changed in concertation with your NIL.
  3. The different caracteristics of an account in the CRM may be empty or false. For example, several accounts are registered in the type "research institute", even if they are private enterprises. You may change them in concertation with your NIL.

Proposal to check and update the CRM data useful for the VT: