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VT ENVBIO pre-kickoff meeting - August 2nd, 2012


  • Yannick LEGRÉ, France
  • Kostas Koumantaros, Greece
  • Giacinto Donvito, Italy
  • Tom Visser, Netherlands (The) represented by Ander Astudillo (SARA)
  • Ignacio Blanquer, Spain
  • Caterine Gater, EGI.eu represented by Neasan O’Neill
  • Wouter Los (Lifewatch, ENVRI, CReATIVE-B), Netherlands (The)


  • Genevieve ROMIER, France
  • Daniele Cesini, Italy
  • Suhaimi Napis, Malaysia
  • Gera Pronk, Netherlands (The)
  • Mariusz Sterzel, Poland
  • Isabel Campos, Spain
  • Vicky Huang, Taiwan
  • Eric Yen, Taiwan
  • Claire Devereux, UK
  • Jacco Konijn (Lifewatch, ENVRI, CReATIVE-B), Netherlands (The)
  • Silvia Wissel (Lifewatch, ENVRI, CReATIVE-B), Netherlands (The)


  • Yannick reminded the objectives of the VT:
    • Collect as much as possible information and have an extensive overview about Environmental and Biodiversity research communities present in the participating NGIs as well as Environmental ESFRIs participants in whatever countries/NGIs they belongs to.
    • First steps to prepare the creation of the VRC
  • Round table : most of the members of the VT are on holidays during August
  • It has been decided to fix the official starting date of the VT to September 1st, 2012 with an end date on February 28th


  • Every participant has to check and to validate the information already registered in the EGI CRM wrt to Environmental and Biodiversity Research by September 10th (if you don't have access to the CRM please let me know ASAP)
  • A summary of the work done to be presented during the EGI TF in Prague

Next Meeting

  • Monday 10th September 10:00 - Fixed arbitrarily but this is my only availability between the deadline for the work and the EGI TF