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VT EGI Pay-for-Use PoC Workplan

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List of selected business cases and overall workplan of agreed activities.

(To be developed)

Business Cases


  • Consumer (User): The person actually using the service (user).
  • Customer: The person or entity that negotiates the level of services and commissions the service provider or broker and may pay, doing so on behalf of a number of consumers (users).
  • Resource Provider: An organisation offering access to ICT resources through service abstractions (e.g., computing power, storage).
  • Broker: An organisation facilitating or arranging transactions and agreements between a customer and one or more resource providers.
  • Technology Provider: A person or entity providing the required technology to support service delivery.

User Stories

A list of potential questions that each role may ask or scenarios that will lead to the developments required:

  • Consumer: I need on-demand access to resources to support my research
  • Consumer: I have received funding within my grant to purchase services
  • Resource Provider: I need to make capacity available on a payment basis to offset operational and maintenance costs
  • ....

Workplan Overview

January 2014: Kick-off of the activity

  • Hold first call - 23 Feb 2014 @ 12:00 CET (TBC)
  • Establish fixed day and time for semi-monthly calls

April 2014: First phase implementation of all technical specifications, list of required agreements and refinements to policy issues documented in the EGI Sustainability Plan (M48)

  • Technical
    • Review technical detail table and complete with relevant information
    • Associate prices within GOCDB according to instructions provided here
    • Accounting Portal to make required extraction from GOCDB and accounting for usage
      • Pull the site data and create a table for use in displaying charging. This table should be directly viewable, at least for the pilot.
      • Create test cpu view like the cloud one. Best to base it on the Custom_View so that we can select particular VOs relevant to the pilot.
    • Investigate and implement a billing function (initially a virtual bill)
    • Perform a gap analysis of supporting services (either new or extensions to the current tools) that would enable the increased automation of the process once it has been manually established and subsequent development required for missing functionality.
    • Report back on identified issues and overall progress
  • Policy/Legal
    • Identify and evaluate legal, policy, and organisational issues around the full implementation of the pay-for-use model (review initial information from first survey)
    • Articulate appropriate business and responsibility models (review initial broker models developed)
    • Request potential consultation from FedSM regarding service management processes and agreements.
    • Collate information to be presented within Sustainability Plan that is easily digestible (Lead:

May 2014: Pay-for-Use aspects included in Federated Cloud release (even in Beta/pre-production)

  • Identify members involved in the EGI Federated Cloud to serve as pay-for-use representatives
  • Gather requirements from the EGI FedCloud for its inclusion

June 2014: First presentation of activities and feedback from EGI-InSPIRE EC Review

  • PoC to decide what information to be presented and ultimate goal

October 2014: Conclusion of phase 2 activities: updates from feedback and overall refinements

  • TBD based on activities carried out. Dedicated F2F to be discussed either following EC review or other date TBD (e.g. Sept 2014).

December 2014: Circulation/Publication of Final Proof of Concept Report

  • To be included in final EGI-InSPIRE Periodic Report (Lead: with requested contributions from PoC members)