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VT EGI Compendium Tasks

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Main Tasks Meetings


Agree and define a set of standardised information

Resources for inspiration

Scope of the EGI Compendium

  • NGI structure
  • End-users served by the NGIs/EIROs:
    • VRCs
    • National Research Collaboration
    • European Research Collaboration
  • ...


Automatic sources of data

Consider also what information can be automatically extracted from the BDII/GOCDB and which ones need to be manually filled in.

Define the tools necessary to collect/publish the data

  • Process: Invite NGIs to take the survey once a year with an option to update the information anytime. There should be a dedicated page with an FAQ for the survey/page.
  • Tools
    • For the first iteration, we can use a simpler tool (e.g., MS Word doc, Zoomerang)
    • Later, we can require to set up a dedicated online tool
      • E.g: extension to the EGI Metrics portal
    • Discuss how to integrate data that can be collected automatically
      • They should be presented to the users (for validation?)

Define how to present the data online

The discussion depends on the selected tool. About navigation of the information, evaluate the idea of using an interactive map (e.g. to present NGI, contact points, # of sites, # of VOs, and services provided by each VO).

Perform the first iteration of information gathering from the NGIs/EIROs

  • The EGI Compendium was lanuched 25/Mar/2012 with a dedicated survey; the invitation was sent to the 38 participants/associated participants (EGI Council contacts and NILs where available)
  • The deadline for filling the questionnaire is 27/Apr/2012