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  • UMD 3.14.2 RC ready
    • integration of StoRM is OK,
    • adding dCache 2.10.56 (issue with RT system resolved today)
  • UMD 4.1.0 released on Friday May 27th
    • dCache and Frontier for CentOS7,
    • added SL6 mirror from UMD3 (only supported packages)
  • to be added to SL6 (both UMDs): edg-mkgridmap-4.0.3 (SSLv2 support disabled, people experiencing issues with VOMS)
  • CMD will be made of two repositories, one for OpenStack and one for OpenNebula

Status of the products verification/staged rollout

Ready tobe Released


Under Staged Rollout


In Verification

  • Due to the long period of releasing the first UMD-4 (sl6) there are many missing updates from PT's. Starting to collect then to make there release on June update.

Report from WLCG MW Officer

The edg-mkgridmap package v4.0.2 is not working on SL6.8/CentOS6.8.

A new version has been pushed to EPEL testing which is also ok for previous SL6 versions

could it be included in UMD?

Updates from Technical Providers



DPM /LFC 1.8.11 + dmlite 0.7.6 released to EPEL testing.( tomorrow to Stable)

  • this is the first version supporting CentOS7, but still we need some validation by sites before declaring it production ready. ( some validation ongoing in WLCG MW readiness)
  • we would like to publish it also to EGI Preview

Tested dpm-dsi 1.9.7-5 released by Mattias together with other globus updates. We reported an issue affecting globus-gridftp-server fixed by Globus and released by Mattias

Data management clients

  • gfal2 2.11.0 + gfal2-utils 1.3.2 in EPEL stable. Staged Rollout report prepared by GRIF_LLR circulated.
  • Davix 0.6.3 soon to be pushed to EPEL stable


FTS 3.4.1 released to EPEL stable ( both el6 and epel7)


ARC 5.1.1 is out, details will be circulated soon.



The previously announced updates:

are still in EPEL testing. A problem was reported with the dpm-gsi package. A new version of the globus-gridftp-server has been released by Globus. This version has been packaged and has replaced the previous version in the updates:

  • globus-gridftp-server 10.4
    • dpm-dsi 1.9.7-6 (rebuild due to the above)

Initial testing of the new version by DPM indicates that the issue was fixed.

Also an updated globus-gsi-proxy-ssl package (5.8) was added to the updates.

In addition there is a new globus-xio-udt-driver version (1.21) available in a separate update:




Next meeting Jun 13th, 2016