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  • UMD 4.2.0 to be released in the second half of July, plan is:
    • include umd-release as well
    • including on CentOS7: FTS3, QCG, dCache, ARGUS
    • include on CentOS7 if possible: DPM, Globus/GFAL (fix issue with udt driver)
    • add regular updates on SL6
    • action is to get the status today/tomorrow for the mentioned products and release what we have
    • next release (4.3.0) will be in October
  • CMD
    • RT setup: IT support to configure CMD, admin-repo to be configured by Marios --> DONE!, next step is to try dummy packages and configure the frontend
    • Verification process
      • starting with BDII info provider
      • external infrastructure needed to perform the tests -> will be IFCA (OpenStack), CESGA (OpenNebula)
    • Staged-Rollout: revise the process for the cloud context

Status of the products verification/staged rollout

Ready to be Released

  • New:
    • edg-mkgrid 4.0.3 (centos7)
    • fts3 3.4.3 (centos7, sl6)
    • umd-release 4.1.1 (centos7, sl6)
  • Missing products from UMD3:
    • cream-ge-utils 2.0.2 (sl6)
    • cream-slurm 1.0.2 (sl6)
    • cream-lsf 2.0.4 (sl6)
    • wn-slurm 1.0.0 (sl6)

Under Staged Rollout

  • myproxy 6.1.18 (centos7, sl6)
  • qcg-comp 4.0.0 (centos7)
  • qcg-ntf 4.0.0 (centos7)
  • dcache 2.13.35 (centos7, sl6)

In Verification

  • lcmaps-plugins-vo-ca-ap 0.0.1 (centos7, sl6)
  • gfal2 2.11.1 (centos7, sl6)
  • gfal2-utils 1.3.2 (centos7, sl6)
  • gfal2-python 1.8.4 (centos7, sl6)
  • dpm 1.8.11 (centos7, sl6)
  • arc-ce 15.03.7 (centos7, sl6)
  • xroot 4.3.0 (centos7, sl6)
  • gram5 13.13.0 (centos7, sl6)
  • gridftp 10.4.1 (centos7, sl6)
  • globus-default-security 6.3.0 (centos7, sl6)
  • davix 0.6.3 (centos7, sl6)
  • argus 1.7.2 (centos7)

Report from WLCG MW Officer

We have asked Cristina to include the FTS3 clients into the UI rpms ( both SL6 and C7) . She is going to work on this after the holidays. Would be possible to include it then in the UMD october release?

Work on the WN rpm for C7 to be also scheduled after the holidays

Updates from Technical Providers



NTR -> no news on C7 testing

Data management clients










Next meeting Aug 8/22th, 2016