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  • UMD 4.2.0 released on Aug 4th:
    • CentOS7: edg-mkgridmap 4.0.3, umd-release 4.1.1, FTS3 3.4.3, QCG Computing 4.0.0, QCG Notification 4.0.0, dCache 2.13.35
    • SL6: FTS3 3.4.3, umd-release 4.1.1, CREAM GE 2.0.2, CREAM Slurm 1.0.2, CREAM LSF 2.0.4, WN Slurm 1.0.0, dCache 2.13.25
    • next release (4.3.0) will be in October, candidates for the next release are ARGUS, DPM, Globus/GFAL
  • CMD
    • RT setup: IT support to configure CMD, admin-repo to be configured by Marios --> DONE!
    • Verification process
      • starting with BDII info provider
      • external infrastructure needed to perform the tests -> will be IFCA (OpenStack), CESGA (OpenNebula)
    • Staged-Rollout: revise the process for the cloud context

Status of the products verification/staged rollout

Ready to be Released

Under Staged Rollout

  • myproxy 6.1.18 (centos7, sl6)

In Verification

  • lcmaps-plugins-vo-ca-ap 0.0.1 (centos7, sl6)
  • gfal2 2.11.1 (centos7, sl6)
  • gfal2-utils 1.3.2 (centos7, sl6)
  • gfal2-python 1.8.4 (centos7, sl6)
  • dpm 1.8.11 (centos7, sl6)
  • arc-ce 15.03.7 (centos7, sl6)
  • xroot 4.3.0 (centos7, sl6)
  • gram5 13.13.0 (centos7, sl6)
  • gridftp 10.4.1 (centos7, sl6)
  • globus-default-security 6.3.0 (centos7, sl6)
  • davix 0.6.3 (centos7, sl6)
  • argus 1.7.2 (centos7)

Report from WLCG MW Officer


Updates from Technical Providers




Data management clients

Davix 0.6.4 in EPEL testing






globus-gridftp-server 11.1 is available in EPEL, together with a recompilation of dpm-dsi. Before the update was pushed to stable it was tested by the DPM team.

This update changes some of the internal headers that dpm-dsi is using, so a patch was added to the dpm-dsi build.

(dpm-dsi-1.9.7-7, globus-ftp-control-7.2-1, globus-gridftp-server-11.1-1)

Earlier in the summer there was an update of globus-gass-transfer.

(globus-ftp-control-7.1-1, globus-gass-transfer-8.9-1)

OpenSSL 1.1.0

There is a new openssl version in preparation. Recompilation of the Globus Toolkit packages performed by Debian against an experimental package of a prerelease of the new openssl version showed many incompatibilities. Mostly due to structs having been made opaque which requires the code to be rewritten using accessor setter and getter functions. Some of these accessors are new to the new version, so the code requires conditionals to still compile against older versions too.

The rebuilds also revealed that some accessor functions needed for porting the Globus Toolkit were missing. After reporting the missing pieces and having a discussion with the openssl developers most of the missing stuff was added. Many thanks to all who contributed to this discussion.

The upstream Globus Toolkit developers have now mostly completed the porting to the new openssl version. These changes are available in github, but are not yet released as new source tarballs. When this update happens there will be a need for testing that everything is still working as expected.

Also other parts of the UMD need porting to openssl 1.1.0: voms, canl-c, canl-c++, davix, gridsite, ARC, ... maybe others.


xrootd 4.4.0 available in EPEL.

Versions with the same major version (in this case 4) are meant to be backwards compatible, so this should not cause problems when updating from the current 4.3.0.

Some positive feedback on the update was given by the DPM team.


Feature release 2.3.2 ready. This is a feature release introducing several features requested mostly for use in federated cloud scenarios. The new features are:

  • A new GRST_VOMS_FQANS variable
  • Support for checking and parsing robot certificates

Bug fixes are also present in this release.

See GridSite release page for more:


caNl-c v. 2.1.7 is an emergency hotfix release.

See caNl-c release page for more:



Next meeting Sep 5th, 2016