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Calendar: https://indico.egi.eu/indico/categoryDisplay.py?categId=107


  • UMD 3.14.1 released right before Christmas
  • UMD 4.0.0
    • RC / integration test: FTS3, ARC, Site/Top BDII, dCache
    • to be released soon
    • CentOS7 only, SL6 support will be introduced on early 2016 while decommissioning SL5

Status of the products verification/staged rollout

Ready tobe Released

Under Staged Rollout

In Verification

Report from WLCG MW Officer

  • MW Readiness verifications completed on SL6
    • dCache 2.10.47
    • FTS 3.4.0 ( not released yet in EPEL)
  • MW Readiness verifications completed on CentOS7
    • FTS 3.4.0 ( not released yet in EPEL)
  • MW Readiness verifications ongoing on SL6
    • dCache 2.14.5

Updates from Technical Providers


dCache 2.10.48 is in appdb and can be released


Data management clients

Data management clients



  • ARC 5.0.5 is tagged, built and soon in NorduGrid and EPEL repos.
    • Fixes an issue where missing files in Rucio might lead to segfault in A-REX.



Changing the default name compatibility mode to strict RFC

The release of the update that will change the default name compatibility mode from "HYBRID" to "STRICT_RFC2818" is planned for April 1, 2016.


A new version of xrootd (xrootd-4.2.3-3) was released to address a segfault in XrdSysLinuxSemaphore::Wait()

See: https://github.com/xrootd/xrootd/issues/313


Distributing middleware as Docker images

  • releasing UMD4 products as Docker images in addition to RPMs
    • pros: can run on hardware, no virtualization platform needed
    • cons: maybe hard to create/maintain
  • to be provided by TPs and/or volunteer sites
  • possible profiles: site/top BDII, CEs


Next meeting: 25 January 2015