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The following provides an overview of the planned contents of UMD 1.8.0

The release timeline will be as follows:

18 June 2012 Release day freeze
25 June 2012 Release contents freeze
2 July 2012 Release day

Useful links

UMD 1.8.0

- What is the status of the products planned for UMD 1.8.0?


- Which products are available for immediate publication

EGI Provisioning Dashboard - What is the general Software Provisioning pipeline?

Release plan

Platform EGI Capability Product available on Provider release Notes
SL5 SL6 Debian6
File Transfer Globus GridFTP 5.2.1 x IGE 2.1.1
Client API SAGA adapters for Globus 1.6.1 x IGE 2.0 Provides the SAGA client interface in C++ and Python
Job Scheduling GridWay 5.10.1 x IGE 2.1
Accounting GridSAFE 1.0.1 x IGE 2.1
Execute Job GridSAM 2.3.1 x IGE 2.1