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EGI has released UMD 1.5.0 on 30 January 2012. (Announcement)

Delivery slip

No# Action Description Responsible unit Time Constraint References Status
1 Freeze UMD release contents Using the UMD Composer add all products that are queued in the UMDStore to a new UMD release bundle. TSA2.1 Before T -1 Week Done. Michel, TSA2.1
2 Update UMD capabilities Check that UMD Capabilities in UMD-1:Capabilities are up to date and in synch with the products in the UMD release. TSA1.3, TSA2.2, TSA2.3 Before T -1 Week Mapping Michel, TSA1.1
3 Compile a "Known issues" In the Wiki, compile a "Known issues" page for the pertinent UMD release at UMD-1:UMD-1.5.0 using the major (x), minor (y) and revision(z) numbers of the UMD release.

The page must contain one entry per Product contained in the UMD release.

TSA1.3, TSA2.3 Before T -1 Week UMD1.5.0 Release Notes Alvaro, TSA2.3
4 Compile UMD release metadata UMD release metadata will be published in the UMD Repository and must cover the following sections:
  1. Description
  2. Contact Info
  3. Technical Contact Info
  4. Release Notes
  5. Installation Notes
  6. Known Issues
  7. Change Log
TSA1.3, TSA2.2, TSA2.3 During T -1 Week [RC1] Michel, TSA2.1
5 Release Candidate(s) Produce release candidates as required based on feedback from EA.
  • Update the Capabilities tags according to the information produced in (2)
  • Add release notes etc. as produced and reviewed from step (4)
TSA2.4 ON T -1 Week [RC1] Michel, TSA2.1
6 Manage RC testing with StagedRollout EAs Announce RC availability to EAs and document collected feedback, and inform TSA2.4 about the outcome. TSA1.3 During T -1 Week No feedback received. Michel, TSA2.1
7 Repeat (5) and (6) as required For as long as there is feedback that stops publishing the UMD release, correct the reported issues and re-issue a new Release Candidate TSA1.3, TSA2.4 During T -1 Week SA2.3 tests Michel, TSA2.1
8 Final UMD release publication Check the release metadata, the capabilities, and release contents before doing the release TSA2.1 on T See notes. Michel, TSA2.1
9 Release post-processing Update release plans in the Wiki, replacing the release contents plan with a link to the announcement. Set the announcement link in the Release Schedule overview, too. TSA2.1 After T See notes. Michel, TSA2.1

--Michel 13:48, 30 January 2012 (UTC)