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UMD 4.2.1 : Additional information for provided products

While undergoing the EGI Software Provisioning process, some installation issues and known problems were detected and documented. This document provides the same information, in one single place, where site admins may learn about the provided software prior to installation or, with later updates to UMD-4, upgrading their systems.

Each section that follows will be linked by the relevant sections provided in the EGI Software Repository for this release of UMD.

Known Issues

A known issue has been reported by WLCG with canL upgrade on SL6 shipped with this release. canL 2.1.7 triggers an openssl upgrade to openssl-1.0.1e, which can conflict with the dracut-fips package. The dracut-fips package is not part of UMD, but it can come installed with the base system, although it is not often the case. The UMD team recommends to remove the dracut-fips package if not needed by the base system, right before upgrading to canL 2.1.7. In case you need dracut-fips instead, please contact the EGI Software Provisioning SU through GGUS to get support to resolve the conflict.

Scientific Linux 6



Centos 7



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