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Globus error 79: connecting to the job manager failed.

Full message

$ glite-wms-job-logging-info -v 2

Event: Done
- Exit code                  =    1
- Reason                     =    Got a job held event, reason:
  Globus error 79: connecting to the job manager failed.  Possible reasons:
  job terminated, invalid job contact, network problems, ...
- Source                     =    LogMonitor
- Status code                =    FAILED


This problem can happen at least for these reasons:

  1. The CE to which the job was sent does not allow the WMS to connect to a port within the GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE defined on the CE:
    • Either the GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE on the CE has an incorrect value,
    • or it is not defined at all,
    • or there is a firewall blocking the specified range.

    NOTE: a direct globus-job-run may work for the CE because it does not use the two-phase commit feature of GRAM, while the WMS (Condor-G) depends on it.

  2. The job could not be submitted to the batch system. See Unspecified gridmanager error for details and suggestions.