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Globus error 22: the job manager failed to create an internal script argument file

Full message

As seen in Condor logs as used in ATLAS pilot submission or in the output of glite-wms-job-logging-info -v 2 for a gLite WMS job:

018 (9163559.000.000) 03/05 11:25:27 Globus job submission failed!
    Reason: 22 the job manager failed to create an internal script argument file


This can be due to problems with the home directory for the user:

  • It does not exist on the CE.
  • Permissions are wrong.
  • Its subdirectory .globus/job/CE-hostname has reached 32000 subdirectories for jobs due to a cleanup bug. A fix for that is an extra cleanup cron job provided by lcg-CE version 3.1.35-0 and later.
  • Some subdirectory contains too many subdirectories. If this is the case even with the latest lcg-CE version, check /var/log/cleanup-grid-accounts.log to see if and how /opt/lcg/sbin/ is being run regularly to clean out the home directories of grid users. By default it will only clean out pool account directories, so make sure that extra accounts that need cleaning are listed in /opt/lcg/etc/cleanup-grid-accounts.conf like this:
EXTRA='account1 account2 account3'

Note that YAIM automatically lists all the relevant accounts from users.conf.