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ssh problem from WN to CE

Full message

Various error messages, usually not directly showing an ssh/scp problem; see other job submission errors.

Before a job starts, the batch system needs to copy the job wrapper script and the user proxy to the WN. It is normal for Torque/PBS and possibly other batch systems to rely on scp for letting the WN copy those files from the CE host before the real job gets started.

Similarly, after the job has finished, the stdout and stderr of the job wrapper need to be copied to the CE.

The various scp invocations may fail for several reasons. If the failures are intermittent, then the SSH daemon on the CE may not have been configured to allow sufficient simultaneous connections.



Possible problem with duplicate entries for the WNs in the CE ssh configuration.


If insufficient connections are allowed to the SSH daemon on the CE:

MaxStartups 100
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