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no passphrase authentication failed

Full message

[root@some-wms ~]# grep passphrase /var/log/messages
Nov 26 12:28:03 some-wms glite-proxy-renewd[18126]: Error contacting MyProxy
server for proxy c8a33b642701a9ad3d94e8f6ccd579fb.1681: ERROR from myproxy-
server (some-myproxy.some-domain): no passphrase authentication failed


This error logged by the proxy renewal daemon on a WMS means the given WMS is not recognized as an authorized renewer by the given MyProxy server.

A MyProxy server should only allow an explicitly configured set of WMS nodes to renew job proxies, i.e. WMS nodes operated by sites participating in supported projects.

To see which WMS nodes are recognized by a MyProxy server one can consult the information system e.g. as follows:

ldapsearch -x -LLL -h $LCG_GFAL_INFOSYS -b o=grid \
    '(GlueServiceEndpoint=some-myproxy.some-domain:*)' GlueServiceAccessControlRule | \
perl -pe 'BEGIN { $/ = "" } s/\n //g' | \
sed -n 's/^GlueServiceAccessControlRule: //p' | \

If it is desirable for another WMS node to be added to the list, a ticket could be opened for the site hosting the MyProxy server.