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Which CE logs should I back up for accounting purposes?

Note: for APEL questions in general please consult the APEL FAQ.


  • the APEL/DGAS job records
  • on an LGC-CE: grid-jobmap_YYYYMMDD files under /opt/edg/var/gatekeeper or /var/glite/gatekeeper
  • on a CREAM CE: blahp.log-YYYYMMDD files under $GLITE_LOCATION_VAR/log/accounting
  • the batch system accounting logs
  • for Torque: /var/spool/pbs/server_priv/accounting/* or /var/torque/server_priv/accounting/*

Note there are other logs to retain for security audit reasons. For example:

  • System logs: /var/log/messages*, /var/log/secure*, ...
  • GridFTP logs: /var/log/globus-gridftp.log*, /var/log/gridftp-session.log*
  • LCG-CE gatekeeper logs: /var/log/globus-gatekeeper.log*
  • CREAM logs: $GLITE_LOCATION_VAR/log/glite-ce-cream.log*