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AccessControlBaseRule has an invalid format

Full message

gstat2.0 can report an error:

gstat-validate-se -p 2170 -H -b Mds-vo-name=SITE-NAME,o=Grid
ERROR:, AccessControlBaseRule has an invalid format,
ops ACBR has an invalid format


A command like

ldapsearch -x -H ldap:// -b \
   Mds-vo-name=SITE-NAME,o=Grid \
   objectClass=GlueSA GlueSAAccessControlBaseRule

returns a line like

GlueSAAccessControlBaseRule: some-VO

when it should be

GlueSAAccessControlBaseRule: VO:some-VO


Recent SE info providers should no longer generate the legacy format for a GlueSAAccessControlBaseRule value, which was just the name of the relevant VO. These days the value should either have a VO: prefix for the whole VO, or VOMS: for a VOMS group or role when the access is restricted to that.

On a DPM the legacy format appears when the info provider uses the "--legacy" option: check /opt/glite/yaim/functions/config_gip_dpm and the resulting /opt/glite/etc/gip/provider/se-dpm.