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535 535-FTPD GSSAPI error: GSS Major Status: General failure

Full message

$ globus-url-copy gsiftp://HOST:2811/etc/passwd file:///tmp/test

error: the server sent an error response: 535 535-FTPD GSSAPI error: GSS Major Status: General failure
535-FTPD GSSAPI error: GSS Minor Status Error Chain:
535-FTPD GSSAPI error:
535-FTPD GSSAPI error: unwrap.c:273: gss_unwrap: internal problem with SSL BIO:  SSL_read rc=-1
535-FTPD GSSAPI error: OpenSSL Error: a_verify.c:109: in library: asn1 encoding  routines, function ASN1_verify: bad get asn1 object call
535-FTPD GSSAPI error: OpenSSL Error: rsa_eay.c:578: in library: rsa routines, function RSA_EAY_PUBLIC_DECRYPT: padding check failed


On older GridFTP server versions this typically happened when the VO VOMS server certificate was missing in /etc/grid-security/vomsdir.


  1. Install the VO VOMS server certificate(s).