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EGI-InSPIRE:Sa1 tasks

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EGI Inspire Main page

This page explains how operational activities map to EGI-InSPIRE SA1 tasks and provides guidance to SA1 staff on how to report activities and effort. For a complete overview of EGI InSPIRE activities, please refer to the EGI-InSPIRE Description of Work.

Task 1: Activity Management

(Task leader: T. Ferrari,

  • (NGI) participation to the Operations Management Board (OMB)
  • (NGI) participation to bi-weekly operations meetings
  • (NGI and Review of SA1 and non-SA1 milestones and deliverables

Task 2: A Secure Infrastructure

(Task leader: D. Kelsey - STFC)

  • (NGI) participation to EGI CSIRT. EGI CSIRT covers all aspects of operational security aimed at achieving a secure infrastructure within EGI. It ensures both the coordination with peer grids and with the NGIs and NREN CSIRTs.
    • Incident Response Task Force (IRTF) Handle day to day operational security issues, coordinates Computer-Security-Incident-Response
    • Security Drills Group (SDG) testing of the inter CSIRT communication channels and assessing the Site-Security-Teams readiness to handle IT-security incidents.
    • Security Monitoring Group (SMG) Develop, deploy and maintain security monitoring tools.
    • Training and Dissemination Group (TDG) Raise security awareness and improve security for system administrators by providing security training and best practice
  • (NGI) participation to the EGI Software Vulnerability Group (SVG). The purpose of the EGI Software Vulnerability Group is to eliminate existing vulnerabilities from the deployed infrastructure, primarily from the grid middleware, prevent the introduction of new ones and prevent security incidents.
  • (EGI Global task) Coordination of EUGridPMA - D. Groep, Nikhef
  • (EGI Global task) Coordination of operational security - M. Ma, STFC

Task 3: Software Deployment and Interoperations

(Task leader: J. Pina - LIP, M. Krakowian -

  • (NGI) Participation to staged rollout of middleware component updates
  • (NGI) Interoperability at the NGI level: operation of multiple middleware stacks and novel resources (virtualization, HPC, etc.), interoperability with regional grids, feeding interoperability requirements into EGI
  • (EGI global task) Definition and implementation of a new workflow to automate software deployment cycle, from release of the sw developers to deployment
  • (EGI global task) Coordination of the staged rollout activities carried out by the NGIs
  • (EGI global task) Liaison with gLite Collaboration release team (interim)
  • (EGI global task) Chairing the operations meetings
  • (EGI global task) Operational interoperation between NGIs and with international Grids, e.g. of the accounting and monitoring infrastructure, gathering or requirements

Task 4: Infrastructure for Grid Management (Operational Tools)

(Task leader: E. Imamagic - SRCE)

  • (NGI) Deployment (system management and validation) of regional instance of operational tools:
    • regional Nagios and MyEGI portal (mandatory)
    • regional GOCDB (prototype available)
    • regional operations portal and dashboard
    • regional accounting portal (prototype available)
    • Provide feedback on tool deployment issues and requirements
  • (EGI global task) Deployment of central operational tools
    • GOCDB (STFC), operations portal and dashboard C. L'Orphelin (IN2P3), central Nagios-based SAM components and MyEGI W. Lapka (CERN), central messaging infrastructure C. Kanellopoulos (AUTH), central network monitoring tools (downcollector) M. Reale (GARR)
    • Migration plan to domain, failover configurations
    • Coordination of regional deployment of tools (e.g. Nagios)

Task 5: Accounting

(Task leader: A. Packer, STFC)

  • (NGI) Deployment (system management and validation) of regional instance of accounting infrastructure:
    • Regional accounting portal
    • Regional accounting repository
    • Check for correctness and completeness of accounting information
    • Chase sites not publishing accounting records
    • Provide feedback on accounting requirements
  • (EGI Global task)
    • Central accounting repository - J. Gordon (STFC)
    • Central accounting portal - I. Díaz Álvarez (CESGA)
    • Gathering new accounting requirements

Task 6: Helpdesk Infrastructure

(Task leader: G. Grein - KIT)

  • (NGI) Regional helpdesk
    • Deployment of regional helpdesk interworking with GGUS (optional)
      • set up a regional ticketing system, make use of a xGUS regional, instance or use GGUS directly
      • ensure the stable operation of the regional ticketing system, if applicable
      • get in contact with GGUS staff support at to clarify the specification of the interface with GGUS or your xGUS customisation
      • register your NGI as a new SU at the GGUS Savannah or open a GGUS ticket for this
      • provide an FAQ based on a template provided by GGS which describes your NGI support infrastructure, a contact email address
      • people concerned in the helpdesk activities must register as GGUS support staff here:
    • Provide feedback about helpdesk requirements in the framework of the USAG group
  • (EGI Global task) Deployment of central EGI helpdesk (GGUS):
    • System management of the tool and deployment of new releases
    • Implementation of failover configurations
    • Maintenance of GGUS Support Units
    • Validation of GGUS ticket reports

Task 7: Support Teams

(Task leader: Ron Trompert, SARA)

  • (NGI) Regional support
    • 1st and 2nd line support to national users and NGI sites
    • Grid oversight of an NGI (aka ROD)
    • NGI network support
  • (EGI Global task) Central support
    • Grid oversight (COD) – Netherlands, Poland following up of escalated operational issues
    • Site suspension
    • Follow up of sites failing to provide 70%/75% monthly availability/reliability
    • Ticket Processing Management (TPM) – first line support, coord: H. Dres (KIT), A. Paolini (INFN)
    • Coordination of network support - M. Reale (GARR)
  • (EGI Global task) Software support

(Leader: A. Krenek - CESNET)

Task 8 Providing a Reliable Grid Infrastructure

(Task leader: Paschalis Korosoglou, AUTH)

  • NGI:
    • Deployment of NGI core middleware services (top-BDII, FTS, WMS/LB, central LFC, VOMS)
    • Operation of national CA
    • Follow up of availability issues in the country
    • Contribute to the maintenance and development of documentation, procedures and best practices
    • Site certification
  • (EGI Global Task - Catch-all Services)
    • Deployment of central grid middleware services (aka catch-all) - C. Kanellopoulos (AUTH)
    • Dteam VOMS C. Kanellopoulos (AUTH)
    • VOMS service for VOs requesting it C. Kanellopoulos (AUTH)
    • Central Nagios infrastructure for security monitoring
    • Catch all CA
    • Validation and distribution of monthly availability/reliability statistics
    • Enhancement/extensions of Operational Level Agreements
    • Maintenance and development (coordination of) operational documentation, procedures, best practices - M. Krakowian (