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Quality of Support was introduced to track responsiveness of GGUS Support Unit.


Quality of Support is calculated and reported by GGUS report Genegrator and is based on response time value.

The response time is a performance figure calculated from the Support Unit's point of view. It describes how quick a support unit is reacting on tickets.

Response time is the time from

The response time is calculated as difference between the time stamp changing the status or re-assigning the ticket and the assign time stamp. While assigning a ticket to a support unit the expected response time stamp is calculated by adding an amount of time to the assign time stamp.

Response times are based on office hours. Hence the results unit is working days.


There are three different QoS levels, each defining different response times for given Ticket Priority.

Description of all Levels can be found here FAQ GGUS QoS Levels.

QoS can be defined separately for each Support Unit.

How to check which ticket cause the problem

1. Go to GGUS report generator

2. Choose:

GGUS report generator 1.png

3. Click the row you are interested in more details to get a view with all tickets that were taken into account in calculation.

GGUS report generator 2.png


Monthly Reports are available at Resource Centres OLA and Resource infrastructure Provider OLA reports wiki page

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