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SVG:RAT Members

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RAT Members

Note that IRTF indicates Incident Response Task force members who take a duty as "security officer on duty".

Name Institute Country SW provider, group or activity
Bartlomiej Balcerek POLITECHNIKA WROCLAWSKA Poland
Georgios Bitzes CERN Switzerland
Vincent Brillault CERN Switzerland IRTF
Stephen Burke STFC, The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory UK
Andrea Ceccanti INFN Italy VOMS, M/W
Laurent Caillat-Vallet Centre de Calcul IN2P3 / CNRS France IRTF/France NGI
Linda Cornwall STFC, The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory UK SVG chair
Cristina Aiftimiei/Duma INFN Italy EGI/UMD
David Crooks University of Glasgow UK GridPP
Nuno Dias LIP Portugal IRTF
Alexander Dibbo STFC, The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory UK EGI Federated Cloud
Tobias Dussa KIT-G Germany IRTF
Simon Fayer Imperial UK
George Fergadis GRNET Greece IRTF
Enol Fernandez del Castillo Spain EGI Federated Cloud
Sophie Ferry CEA France CSIRT
Sven Gabriel FOM Netherlands CSIRT IRTF EGI security officer
Baptiste Grenier FedCloud
Edward Karavakis CERN Switzerland WLCG
Paschalis Korosoglou GRNET Greece IRTF
Daniel Kouril CESNET Czech Republic CSIRT, IRTF, gLite
Barbara Krasovec ARNES Slovenia CSIRT, IRTF
Maarten Litmaath CERN Switzerland gLite
Alvaro Lopez Garcia CSIC Spain EGI Federated Cloud
Andrea Manzi CERN Switzerland WLCG M/W
Leif Nixon Nixon Security Sweden
Eygene Ryabinkin RRCKI Russia CSIRT
Mischa Sallé FOM Netherlands gLite, also EGCF contact
Ake Sandgren VR-SNIC Sweden
Bernd Schuller JUELICH Germany Unicore
David Smith CERN Switzerland
Vincenzo Spinoso INFN Italy EGI/UMD
Anders Waananen UCPH Denmark ARC
Fyodor Yarochkin AS Taiwan CSIRT