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SVG:RAT Issue Handling Templates contd

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RAT Issue Handling Templates contd

After investigation

After the investigation has concluded, assuming the issue is valid request a risk assessment to the RAT

Include RAT Alert - request Risk Assessment for EGI RT <number>  Send 'High' importance

Dear RAT members,

Please take a look at the vulnerability EGI RT <number> concerning <xxx> 
and give your opinion on the risk. 

It is in the EGI request Tracker at<ID for this case>

Guidelines on SVG's risk categories are at:

Please discuss the risk in the SVG-RAT list - this keeps the information on the 
discussion between ourselves - a summary and conclusions will be placed in the tracker.

It is useful to consider whether the Risk is different for different types of deployment. 
For example, if the Risk is different on a server or elsewhere. 

Thank you, 

<RAT member sending message>

After Risk Assessment

For arranging resolution - Send to S/W provider, developer(s), EGI/UMD and other contacts as appropriate (contacts may be revised)

Result of Risk Assessment for EGI RT issue <n> concerning <xxx>


Dear <Software Developers>, <UMD people if appropriate>

The Software Vulnerability Concerning <xxx> has be assessed as <RISK> risk. Hence a target date for resolution 
has been set to <n> <weeks/months> from now, to <date>. Please co-ordinate to ensure that this issue is resolved 
in the middleware available for installation in the EGI infrastructure by this date. Please ensure that you do 
not reveal information publicly which could be useful to an attacker.

Information is available in the EGI RT at<ID>

You should be able to view this information. If you cannot or need further information then please ask.

We will draft an advisory, and would appreciate your input to ensure it is complete and correct.

The advisory will be located at<rt number>

Please ensure that your release notes refer to this advisory.

Please also provide a link to your release notes for inclusion in the advisory (this may be done shortly
before you release the software) and let us know when you are about to release the software so that we 
can release the advisory when you release your software. 


The EGI Software Vulnerability Group (SVG)

For software which is not produced by our collaborators, but we need to ask them to fix, a bespoke mail will probably be needed. This is expected to be quite rare.

Inform the Reporter of the outcome

Dear <name>,

Re- Vulnerability issue concerning xxx 

The EGI Software Vulnerability Group Risk Assessment Team has considered this issue and it has 
been assessed as <RISK> risk. An advisory will be released no later than <put target date here>.
You should receive a copy of the advisory.

The EGI Software Vulnerability Group  Risk Assessment Team has considered this issue and 
<appropriate other findings and action or not>

The EGI Software Vulnerability Group

Advisory Template

Use the General Advisory Template

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